Online Draft is nuts

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Thought I would drop some coins into online Draft and wish I hadn't - do only elite players play this mode?

Can't get past 2 games, I'm Div 3 and Gold 2/3 but everyone I have played is ridiculously good.

Won't be doing that again!


  • ThePlantOFGod
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    Every mode on the game is full try hard now. EA even made their AI super sweaty in SB.
  • StMaxi
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    I actually love the draft mode, gives me a good chance to use and try different formations aswell as players I usually wouldn’t be able to. I’ve only won around 5/37 attempts but it’s fun and at least different to coming up against the same team every single game as in Rivals..
  • garmak
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    Have won a few drafts but the rewards have been epically bad. Haven't gotten lucky there. Barely made the money back.
  • NinthFall
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    I'm div 5 and won the 4 games just once but the disappointing rewards don't really make it worth it to sweat it
  • rmoxon
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    A lot of it depends on the picks you are given.

    Online draft has been a pain in the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this year for me. I have actually won a few, but I’ve also ended up with some awful teams, I don’t think I’ve really been given a good selection at all this years so far.

    I actually played one today and lost to a guy who wasn’t even good but he kept playing the long ball up to TOTY Nominee Mane and my crappy defenders couldn’t handle it.
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