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Please post the details of any player who appears with a photograph of a different player in the game.

Current Photo:
Real Photo:
Source (if possible):

Notes: Please do not post examples of players who have old photographs. Unfortunately, licensing restrictions mean that some players will have older photographs than others.

The current photo does not necessarily have to be an image, it can be saying 'Player X has the image for Player Y'


  • Problem is not about photo,his hair style in game is not correct but there is no place to write this issue. So I am writing here. He has blond ponytail, but in Fifa 21 he has medium long wavy dark brown hair. Please update his hair style.

    Name: Caner Erkin
    Current Photo:
    Real Photo: 1600937896881-gfhfgh.jpg
    Source (if possible): 1600937896881-gfhfgh.jpg
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