Decision? Help me out?

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So I'm a fan of MLS and thinking of doing a CM in this league, possibly a story too.

I'm all about starheads, sorry if that offends anyone, but I just struggle to enjoy CM without players real faces, or at least kind of close in terms of looks.

With that in mind thinking of retiring a player and letting them manage a low-level MLS club. Don't know if you guys will know all the players, let me know your thoughts though.

Option 1: Ron Vlaar - Hasn't played for AZ Almaar all season, injury prone, has the leadership trait, read somewhere wants to go I to managing, where better to start than the MLS?

Option 2: Luis Robles - Has recently retired but is still in the game, had quite a decent MLS career, captained Inter Miami, so clearly a leader, has links to Germany so possible influx of German starheads

Option 3: Drew Moor - One of my personal favourite MLS players, has taken some coaching sessions at his current club (Rapids) because of Covid, so bit of experience there. Been around the league a long time

Option 4 - Maynor Figueroa, the Honduras legend, been in MLS sometime. Unsure whether he is likely to take up coaching when he retires, but if I choose him, will obviously bring a few Spanish speaking starheads.

I'll try follow roster rules and salary cap and all that too, just need to decide which option....


  • UN5Y
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    Other options are some other aging MLS players, but slightly younger and still playing a bit more regulalrly...

    Frenchman Frédéric Brillant going into 6th season in MLS

    Argentinian Federico Higuaín, Gonzalo's brother, bit of an MLS legend

    Swiss Reto Ziegler, solid career in Europe, will be 4th season with Dallas this upcoming campaign

    Brazilian Ilsinho, ex Shakhtar player, played quite alot last season for Philly and a bit of a baller, read somewhere he is quite a character too
  • tristanenever
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    I like the Ron Vlaar idea. Seems to make the most sense in terms of not playing, keeps getting injured and he’s quite old. However I don’t know if you can retire him and then get a job in the MLS with him, unless you’re on PC of course.
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