Anyone else still got menu lag, it freezes

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Its killing me at this point. Its the worst on the transferlist and squad menu


  • rmoxon
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    It’s because the servers are overloaded.
  • PirateW
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    Yes, just before you posted this.
    Menu loaded but took about 6 seconds to show any action buttons and just froze for those 6 seconds or so.
    Was affecting me on SBCs and transfer list in particular, then I got booted off the server a few times.

    I actually thought it was my Internet connection playing up because when I checked here no-one else had reported issues until this thread.
  • tommyboyo
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    Problem today.
  • NornIron
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    Just logged in to play one match, I think i'll log back off again.
    Trying to build a new squad is gonna take about an hr and that's just selecting positions for them, setting tactics could be another hr.
  • GLAN12
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    Yep freezing and lagging I can’t actually play the game tbh
  • tommyboyo
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    Quite funny really!

    Such a half ❤️❤️❤️❤️ game, yet the profits are staggering!
  • I have this menu lag since last friday. (PS5 & PS4 version only in Ultimate!) I have tried everything concerning the game, the console and the router in order to solve it, but nothing helped. My internet connection is perfect and I use a wired connection to my console. My conclusion should be: This problem is game and game-server related.

    Online matches are still ok for me, but navigating and take actions in the Ultimate menu is so annoying that this part of the game is currently absolutely unplayable.

    Maybe someone could give me hints to fix that problem. Maybe there is fix, which I have not tried yet.
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