Account Hacked

Hi All,

My account was hacked last Thursday and all of my tradable 81+ players sold (over 250) and coins transferred (over £3 million) to the hackers account I presume which resulted in a market ban on my account.

I raised a case with EA help that Friday morning and got an email back this morning stating they’ve done a full investigation and they were right in banning me.

I don’t understand how they can come to this decision?

Is there anyway I take this further as I’m not happy with the decision



  • Hi i got hacked in november they said to me they could see i have been hacked and said it was from over sees they then looked into it told me i was getting my players back in a few days this went on for MONTHS no lie EA though did say leave it with us we will sort it and were spot on with me i lost about 2.5m in players and about 240k in coins to the hackers
    They didnt get my players back but i had got a few players back in packs and div rivals etc and they gave me 2.4m in coins back in compo for them to close the case not what i wanted but its a good result as i cud buy the rest of me team and players i did had dropped in value massively werner otw i cud of sold for 950k now worth 350k ish so i can see why its less but that took me 2 months to get a result but hang in EA will help if they see its been hacked.
    Advice to u though do not open up ur case again talk about it in another case just bot in original one as i made this mistake you go to back of the que
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    Just hack it back and get the stuff again
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