Officially the worst fifa player

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So apparently there's been a new patch. I've won 2 thanks to golden goal and I've lost 15 because I'm awful. They aren't even close games, I'm conceding 6 goals a game.

I could never dribble anyways so I relied on passing. Now I can't pass.
I used to be able to keep clean sheets for fun, now I can't defend against a player with pace. Literally all you need to do is pass it to your strikers feet, turn and you're 1 on 1 with my goalkeeper.
The 2 things I was good at, I'm now awful at. If fifa started today, I'd be near division 10.

I've had to apologise to players for being so bad and wasting their time. it's embarrassing.

So the big questions is:... When is the next patch?


  • BeastlyHusla
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    Could always try a different formation. 442 and 433(4) seem the most common now.
  • Mozinho
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    TL;DR: auto block not working as well
  • First updated fifa and then updated ps 4...
    I stard to score match long range shoot whit silver (LM, LW) from left flank... Not whit son, delafue... Just silver player...
    Defence for me too something like I'm a mil. Secend to fast... Update was for dribbling and defence... And goalkiper situation... So, can happen stupid things...
    And the funny ist it's not same to all...
  • vMercurial
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    Fifa 21 in nut shell

    Auto AI Defend
    AI blocks
    Nerfed Skill
    Nerfed Passing
    Slower Gameplay
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