Just tried the game after patch and...



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    I played a guy last night who just kept doing the heel to heel and going nowhere it was funny to watch
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    Alvin8 wrote: »
    Just tried the PC game patched at a friend's house and I am extremely sad.

    Stepover nerfed enough to be unusable and it seems to me that the defense has also been strengthened, I see defenders more reactive and quick when making the first meter towards the opponent.

    I don't understand those who hate skill moves and talk about a lack of realism.
    it's a video game that will never reflect classic football, if so it would be extremely boring.

    And with this latest patch it has become really very boring, worse than fifa 20 in my opinion as at least in fifa 20 left stick dribling was much more effective.

    I am really sad, I have been a huge fan of fifa for more than 10 years, I have been playing since the first fut and I have never found the game so boring in terms of gameplay as it is now.
    There have always been flaws, but at least it has always been fun
    I don't understand this direction. :neutral:

    Maybe it should be called a skill move game, if it’s not football..Just like how you disagree with patching those skill move glitches... Others want them gone...EA is trying to cater for everyone not just skills obsess players.
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    Queens11 wrote: »
    Alvin8 wrote: »
    I don't understand those who hate skill moves

    Crybabies who can't adapt/improve.

    They will not be happy until every game ends 0-0, then they will complain about that.

    I remember playing years ago when skill moves actually required a skill to do when people pulled them off you would think wow what a goal great player
    Now its pathetic and an absolute joke my 2 11 year old nephews played my wl when they were at mine over Christmas and got to 12 wins ffs basicly spamming endless skills for the entire game neither of the 2 have a clue about football in general I honestly can't remember either of them ever kicking a ball in real life lol butt this game just favours idiot play and requirs 0 football knowledge pretty pathetic for the so called no1 football game in the world

    You summed it all up..The game questions your knowledge of football... My love of football got me into FIFA but these past few years it feels more like that Volta, I think it was called FIFA street football..
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    I think there's absolutely needs to be a balance between realism and arcade, the only problem with making the game arcady is sadly this community is riddled with this poisonous win at all costs attitude, and once they find something that works, they beat it to a grizzly death and use it 27 million times a game.

    We all want a game where you get rewarded for having a football brain and playing nice, lovely pass and move ball, and to an extent 21 offers that at least imo, but we need that balance of skill moves being effective too. We have 12 minutes to score goals, not 90...

    I'll wait and see what the game feels like when the patch reaches console, but I'm concerned we'll revert back to last year's low block abomination and everyone will now just be spamming the bridge instead of stepovers. Hopefully I'm wrong though.
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    slavin77 wrote: »
    Great news! Finally one good thing EA

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