Someone please explain this to me...

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So I am a consistent gold 1 - elite 3 players. Division 1 with 2000 skill points. I have a pretty good team with CR7 and the works... anyways, I have 18-20 ping so I shouldn’t be lagging or anything but every other game it feels like my players are running in sand.. I play vs crappy 80 rated teams and they turn on a dime, out pace my players I just don’t understand how this is happening. Is anyone else experiencing this during weekend league?

When I played rivals yesterday my team felt how they actually should be yet today CR7 can’t even put pace a McGuire...


  • sneaky77
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    Yes happens all the time
  • All4fun1991
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    I’m getting the same thing at the moment trying to do the La liga objective.. imagine winning 4-0 all of sudden you start lagging and opponent equalised and end up winning the game.. I’m not the one to rage but things like this really gets to you.. is like I’m just wasting my time.
  • Nenad_Fakerica
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    I thing its in the mil. Second... The dessision we make, we move a player whit one stick(and the stick is a potential stick) the player do not move the same if we muve the left stick 1 milimetar or 3 milimetar... This whay is happen the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ whit Ronaldo... Then the Internet dallay and you in the same situation like Jurgen Klop yesterday...
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