Are icon SBCs dead?

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We’ve gotten a solid 10 icons so far lol


  • TestEagles
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    Yeah it’s not flash. Enjoy the expensive OP gold rares I say
  • Vichy360
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    9 not even 10
  • Baddest_cubza_1
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    They giveth but in reality they have actually taketh

    Why not just release prime Torres and let people grind for him, no, no, no, open packs with FP to have a chance of packing him or use the pitiful amount of coins you make from said packs to save up and buy him, our preference would be the former
  • OZero
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    EA made them non-existent
  • Chewbaccary
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    IMO Bergkamp, Figo, and Torres all should have cost half what they did.

    These are mid-meta cards. Hardly game-breaking.

    Even dumping 400k into them untradeable is probably too much.

    You will have better cards than them in your team within a month or two if you don't already.

    EA operate purely on the principle of greed. It's been obvious since the PIM fiasco towards the end of FUT 19 that they've made a strategic decision to block SBC access to top level icon cards. These lame icon SBCs that we've been getting in FUT 21 are just so they can say "see, we have icon SBCs at home!" to quell unrest in the community without actually providing the content we want (Prime R10 SBC, Gullit, Cruyff, etc).
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