Finally made the break tonight. Good luck, boys

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I’ve been a slave to this game for too long and it’s taken up far too much of my time for the last 5 or 6 years. I’m a 51-year-old bloke, lost my job of 13 years a couple of months ago and I’m still looking for a new one. I needed the stress of this game out of my life and the truth is I just don’t enjoy it anymore. It’s so unrewarding it’s absurd.

Tonight helped to push me over the edge and make the choice to duck out now. Finished grinding the swaps (I’ve grinded every single objective so far except Mollet), opened the 25x83 (garbage), the 5x85 (garbage) and stuck everything I had into the base/mid icon. Got baby Kluivert, deleted the game, and now I’m signing off. I know you’ll all say ‘see you tomorrow’ or whatever, but seriously, I won’t be back. I’m so fed up of the awful online gameplay, but most of all the lack of reward for the hundreds of hours I plough into this game. I will not be reinstalling.

Wish you all the best of luck, thanks for the entertainment over the years. Kept me entertained and sane in my job for years (when I still had one). Over and out.


  • fighter__noir
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    Good luck with staying away and finding a job
  • oldboiler
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    All the best fella
  • mway
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    Great decision mate. Good luck with finding a job. This weekend I had the worst experience playing this game. Slow, unresponsive. Impossible to enjoy the nice cards I got. So what´s the point of trying to get decent cards if you can´t enjoy them?
  • dengah109
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    Things must be tough right now, fifa not the best game to be fair when life is already stressful and difficult and maybe your mindset is more likely to get angry at the game atm. I hope you find a new job soon and things get better.
  • Seanregal
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    Good luck man, always sad when a regular hangs it up. I hope this year is kinder to you, All the best
  • ItalianPele
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    Sorry to hear about you losing your job, wishing you nothing but the best in finding a new one :smile:

    I have experienced the same frustrations lately too, I do wish I could put the game down for good too.

    Here's hoping 2021 will be a better year for you bud!
  • IronMike69
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    Can't say I don't agree with your decision to stay away, game is unrewarding and the servers are a mess.

    Best of luck for the future!
  • Cahir85
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    You did better than me, got baby Pires. Felt like giving up on the game but you win some you lose more.
  • Kevin
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    Good luck finding a job, I decided to stop last week as well, the game is so unrewarding and I found myself that I didn’t wanted to play this game anymore, so why bother?
  • Challengerman83
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    I feel you man, it's crazy when you stand back and look at how many hours you spend on this game.

    Best of luck in the job hunt🤞
  • TestEagles
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    Good luck mate... a great decision to step away from a bunch of expensive pixels, at least for a while!! Hope the job hunting goes well.
  • Kingy
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    Good luck mate and hopefully you get yourself back in work shortly..
  • IxToMxI
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    Adios fella, whether you quit or not is irrelevant taking a break for sure is worth it and most importantly best of luck with your job hunt
  • Wooly1203
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    Don’t blame you at all. Used those same packs to do the base icon sbc and got Inzaghi. It can be insanely frustrating.

    Hoping 2021 brings you good luck and you find the job you’re looking for!
  • rezyy
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    All the best, am 49 too and getting totally fed up with the constant grind and cheap rewards, I played 6000 games on 20, yeah had a sick team but was never worth the time spent on the game, combined Rivals and wl is just too much, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thursday rewards if you can call them that, too many pointless grinding squad battles just soaking up your lives just not fun anymore
  • Doub13emTee
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    Good luck in you life! Games should be source of fun, not stress.
  • AngryHawk
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    Good Luck! Same boat, at the end of the day the game just isn’t rewarding enough for the stress.

    Hopefully COVID will be gone soon so we all can resume life.
  • win123vn
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    Great decision, one of the greatests I must say! I am 45 and got hooked this .... game for too long, sometimes forgetting my work and my family matters, wishing just could do it like you did to delele club and uninstall FIfa (and sell my Ps4)
  • D0lvl
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    You will pack something big when(if) you come back after a long break.
  • nsholmberg11
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    Take care, enjoyed your banter on here. And I completely understand
  • Wi1son73
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    Fifa isn't good for anyone's health to be fair you know a game is bad when people smash their controllers, tv's are supposed to be fun not stressful but hey that's the gaming industry for you messing gaming up trying to force competitive gameplay on everyone.

    Find a different game you can get some enjoyment out of lately I found dying light it's been out for a while but what a game that is and for co op it's one of the best games I have played I love it.

    Dying light was one of my best games I’ve played in a long time, followed by Jedi Fallen Order. Though I’m halfway through Cyberpunk and absolutely love it. I’ve always been very shallow when it comes to games, I was one off those people that only played football games,(Pes and FIFA) Every other game got boring after awhile, or didn’t interest me.

  • Sean123_
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    Hang on a minute, are you basically saying your fifa future hinged on the icon pack? And basically if it was R94 you would still be playing? 😂 I do believe if this was the reason then you have definitely got out at the right time.

    All jokes aside all the best for 2021 and your job search 👍🏻
  • thedustman
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    Good luck and all the best for 2021 if you looking for something in the part time you can do from home, send me a message. It is sales and its not for every body but you can make money while you search for a new career opportunity.
  • MurkingFools
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    the comments in here are positive for you, so that show what a good poster in the forums you have been, you will be missed.

    but im glad for you i took a 4 year break from fifa was time well spent.

    maybe try some other games, but defo avoid games that require grinding and loot boxes or are pay to win

    good luck to you and drop an update is here once in a while
  • Knowlesdinho
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    Hopefully you still pop in here to post every now and then, one of the decent guys around here.
  • Mogga
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    I didnt buy this latest version, having religiously bought Fifa on release for years. I did miss the adrenaline rush but at the same time there is far too much nonsense goes on in the game to make it enjoyable for any great length of time nowadays.

    The big benefit imo is that I now play games because I want to , and generally for shorter periods of time without the fear of falling behind the curve or "grinding".

    Fifa has far too many "unpredicatable" elements contained within it imo. It contains levels of BS, I have never seen anywhere else.

    Good luck on the job front Stax
  • NeverTooLate
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    Good luck finding a job and take care! Come back for casual play when time is right!
  • xJustaKiid
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    It's the best decision you could ever make. The issue with Fifa is that you are basically 'forced' to keep playing otherwise your team will fall behind pretty quikly. That's how they get to you.

    Best way is to stop cold turkey. I did it last year as I didnt enjoy playing Fifa 20 at all. I stopped after a month of the release and looking back at it, I should not have returned on Fifa 21. Eventhough I didn't play for such a long time I still wanted to try 21 to see if it was any better. I even spend some money into it at the start and I somewhat regret it. The delay is back again and I am now just playing to keep up. I have also decided that this will be my last Fifa, but I will continue playing for a bit to get atleast my money worth. If you set limits to your games then the game is not so bad. Grinding for pack lottery is never a good idea. I made the same mistake, played like 50-60 games this weekend just to get 88 Lampard and that hurts. Never doing that again.

    Hardest part is not getting tempted with the new Fifa. Don't make the same mistake I did. And when you do, just play offline or regular teams online. Thats a whole less addicting
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