do better cards make you a better player or is it a scam to make you think that?

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Just looking for opinions , as i find it does not seem to matter to my results, if i have a top team or an average one. I feel it will make a difference at the top end of player base, But for the casual , average player does it really matter. I feel it is designed that way to make you think it will make you a great player ?


  • Asht1981
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    The Better the team the harder the game gets,
  • JV24601
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    Well in Fifa 19 I experimented with different teams half way though the season, because I was fed up of getting the same wins in weekend league every weekend.
    It resulted in me getting the same wins with a silver team that I got with a nearly full TOTY and icon team the week before.
    I never progressed from G1 and never got less than it all year and my trading and squad enabled me to have whoever I wanted
  • danielallen1410
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    I’ve now got both Neymar and mbappe and varane, all untradeable and a solid side around them.

    I would say they can win you the odd game here or there extra in a weekend league. But I’d be surprised if I don’t finish gold 2 as usual even with them.

    I think if the game didn’t have delay then those two (Neymar and mbappe) could easily win me enough to get gold 1, but in poor gameplay they don’t feel any better than rashford did.
  • Gorda
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    Might give You one or two extra wins in weekend league with a 20 million coin team.
  • AngryHawk
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    BS, better players do nothing. You can build a team with 50k and achieve the results. its 100% a scam and the reason why there's a pending lawsuit
  • MrMTFC
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    Sometimes a better player can make you play a little better, but players that fot your play style generally make a bigger difference
  • oneskyworld
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    Better connection definitely make me a better player.
    But better player can help you when you have bad connections
  • Toonleew
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    Controversial maybe but I actually think that a 50k team plays better than a 5m team. Yes there are unbelievable players like Neymar, Mane etc that are game changers. But then I know I can destroy most players and find it sometimes easier with rodrigo, dembele etc.

    I came up against a team of 11 icons and only one of them worried me And that was Butra. I knew I was going to win the game and I was using a team that was purchasable for under 100k.
  • DanishDynamiteUS
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    I honestly think they make you a worse player. You become more dependent on player hacks than actually managing the game and reading the opponent.
  • Maro6590
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    I think better key Players make a difference, But a maxed out Team won‘t.

    E.g. I changed mertens to Prime eto‘o and it changed a lot.
  • IraqBruin
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    It is A scam because there are 3 dozen or so better players and they will definitely make beat your rating peers, the falsely implied “better” outnumber the “real” better ones and will help with nothing.
  • DaMMian
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    You can't take this game seriously because it doesn't make sense what's the difference whether you get gold 1 or 3, silver 1 or bronze 3, so if you think about spending any money on FP you better think about it.
    In this game, internet connection, AI behaviour is more important than what your skills are or squad you have.

    ps. this FIFA will die much faster than all the previous ones. Trust me.
  • So I finished on 18 wins which is my usual despite now having a proper meta team.


    Mendy (tradeable)

    Wijnaldum RTTF

    Neymar (tradeable)


    I’ve finished 18 wins no matter what team I have. It makes no difference, all that happened was I got to 15 wins far quicker than normal, then went on to only win 3 of my last 10
  • Djkhalid1921
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    Game isn’t p2w. Ea would like you to think so tho as it encourages spending
  • FutGuy
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    You are just paying extra for nicer looking cards
  • tommyboyo
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    AngryHawk wrote: »
    BS, better players do nothing. You can build a team with 50k and achieve the results. its 100% a scam and the reason why there's a pending lawsuit

    What is this lawsuit?
  • LuckyCraig
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    Just played a few games with Mbappe and Neymar. I can feel the difference but it isn't massive. Like others have said, they can win a few more games but not many. Across the whole game I think you are paying for very slight differences.

    I also think people raise their game against you if you've got an expensive team. You become a bigger scalp to beat.
  • Amdp9
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    Indeed better cards make you better, I use to finish G1 with an ease ever since Eusebio got in I am edging Elite by 1 game
    But on the same time you have know what you are doing too
  • Aspas10
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    Might help you more in those tight 50/50 games, against similar skilled players. So better players might get you up a rank. Also the fear factor, oppositions will be more fearful of Mbappe and might panic when he's running at them.
  • Clemster
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    Doesn't make you a better player I don't think. Might mean you win a few more games that's all.
  • I packed IF CR7 before WL ended up Gold2 , usually Gold3 -win 3 game difference

    Hit gold 2 once before with just EPl top rated players .

    I think yes he helped a lot but the delay is what makes the difference, some games I can’t tell who’s the better player because of the delay .
  • VJAX
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    Given that I had crazy pack luck this year and have the best team I had in years, I was not able to finish above my average S1 or yeah, I think I am limited to my abilities:))
  • starfox1284
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    No matter what players i have, i still finish in the same spot in WL.
  • delpieroalex
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    Slight difference because of matchmaking matrix. The player you faced after some consecutive wins are a level higher than you. They will win with just gold card no matter what because they are just much better at the game.
  • Gnomenclature
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    An end game icon squad is only marginally better than a cheap meta team.

    Varane is like 200k... No other CB is going to be "miles" better than him no matter what the cost.

    Gold mbappe is still better than 90% of any icon. Even Pim pele is only slightly improved - and even thats debatable...

    I have baby eusebio from the icon pack... He's 4mil... I don't think he's gonna get you more goals than cr7 at 800k.
  • Mpl44
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    It does improve your game and results. I bought Neymar and Mbappe, did the Robben sbc and those 3 score goals that average players wouldn't score. That's the difference for me. I'm scoring goals I wouldn't normally, finishing chances I'd of missed. It doesn't make me unbeatable in any way whatsoever, but it does improve my game
  • SamPes
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    When delay AKA bad game play come, does not matter whatever team you have.
  • mway
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    I reached G1 with Akinfenwa and Adams as strikers. Now I barely reach 17 with Messi, Felix, etc. Players have nothing to do with results. It depends on game desires, connection, skill. Sissoko NIF can score from outside the box, and Messi IF can miss the easiest chance.
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