How many player SBCs have you done so far?



  • joehuk
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    OTW Tonali (forgot i had) lol
    POTM Felix(Using)
    Freeze Aouar(Using)
    Atal (Using)
    Felipe anderson (finding Carrasco IF better currently)
    Alassandrini (using)
    RTTF Sandro (Liked him last year, this year hmm not so much 'yet')
    Maddison (shouldn't of done him since missed doing morgan -.-)

  • Buzzbuzz
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    Crap/regret/don't use:

    James Rodriguez
    Felipe Anderson

    Ones I still use:

    Alessandrini (super sub)
    Niane (amazing but no longer fits in my team)
    Oyarzbal (use him every now and again)

  • Destin8or
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    Wow! People complain about the crap SBC's here everyday yet almost everyone has done more than 10. :D

    I've done only one - moments Depay.

    Who also looks crap lol
  • WarrenBarton
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    Done James as he was peanuts
    Marquinhos who I’m very happy with
    Aouar who I’m yet to try as I just moved house and have no internet
  • OTW James
    Rttf Atal
    FB Khedira
    FB Alessandrini
    Freeze Gnabry
    Freeze Adama
    Freeze Aoura
    Base icons Wright and Nakata

    Last year I had done like 20+ by now
  • Praatpaal
    306 posts Sunday League Hero
    Atal, Alessandrini and Traore. Thats it
  • berood001
    27 posts Last Pick at the Park
    ZERO. Only an idiot would trade for a bunch of untradeable players. You guys waste on the average 2 million coins by the end of the year for players that are only viable for 3 weeks. It doesn't even matter because I beat you with my 83 rated gold team. I have 3 million coins in bank and my team is worth 150k and still win.
  • berood001
    27 posts Last Pick at the Park
    LiamSully wrote: »
    15 not including loans

    3 base icon - Ballack, Zola, Zidane
    OTW Thiago Silva
    2 x silver players
    Felipe Anderson

    LOL Sucker.
  • Demon_reborn
    2996 posts National Call-Up

    Can now afford the players i want
  • I SiR MartY I
    18549 posts World Class
    OTW Tonali
    OTW Rodriguez- traded in
    POTM Felix
    RTTF Herrera
    Freeze Ansaldi
    RTTF Sandro
  • Kennyy
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    edited December 2020
    Just done my 20th.

    8 SBC players in my team, 5 of them are Freeze cards :joy:
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