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Just thought I'd write up a little review of DB given we all have him but might not have time to test him out with all the icon / freeze challenges going on. Played 5 games this morning on DR Div 2 so not a massive sample but enough to see how he plays. Positionally he only is going to play in a couple of places for me - as an attacking winger who will just cross cross cross all day, or as a playmaking CAM. His M/M workrates aren't enough for CM for me (I always play with H/H) and he's just not quite quick enough to do the defensive role as wingback.

I play 352 and was previously playing Hazard on 7 chem at RW and switching to CAM in game. So Becks makes a straight swap and is straight onto 10 chem with a link to IF Valverde. My CAM instructions are stay forward, get into box and free roam - I'll tinker with this later. I also put a catalyst on him to give him as much pace as possible and max out those passing stats as that's the way he's going to affect games the most.

Negatives - ok if he breaks beyond the last defender his pace (even with +10 from chem) is not going to allow him to get into acres of space - you need to have pace around him. That's the main weak point for me. 3* SM and 3* WF could be an issue for some - I'm not a skiller in the slightest and I didn't notice his WF to be honest.

Positives - his passing is insane and through balls were on point every single time - this is the main thing you're going to get from this card. He was on set pieces and whipped a couple of great corners in but I didn't really get a chance to test his crossing out properly yet, no free kicks either so looking forward to those. The other thing I really noticed with him was his movement - he seemed to be making all sorts of great runs to get the ball in space - it was really noticeable. Maybe it was because he's new and I was playing him into games but he seemed to be heavily involved in all games too.

I thought I might just keep his for handy fodder (not many La liga RW etc...) but I'm definitely going to give him a proper run this WL and see what he's like over 30 games. Would be interested to hear how other people have found him so write your reviews below!


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    I play 352 also, but keep him as RM, with 10 chem in a La Liga/Serie A hybrid.

    What's been most interesting with him is he seems to regularly drift to the centre mid position without any instruction to do so. If I play other players in that position with the same instructions, but they do tend to stay where I place them = out wide. Not a complaint but more of an observation, as he isn't on free roam and he does however find some great positions in doing that.

    Some great crosses and through balls as you say. Keeping his place in starting squad over SS Ocampos for now.
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    I tried him as cam and rcm in one league objective and as sub in weekend league and his surprisingly good. probably not going to is him much longer but a fun decent card.
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    Yeah after playing with him I've settled on CM, I need a H attacking work rate from my CAM's and someone a bit more agile. Still loving him in CM though
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    I like him, set pieces and crossing are what you expect. Just lacks that bit of pace so I end up putting him in the middle or trying to cross early.
    Won't get shot of him in a sbc the average 86 rated card can't cost that much and he is a one off easy to link too
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    He is fun to be fair. But not good enough to warrant a start
  • Mdm
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    Love him in my la liga team with lightning chem
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    i brought him on twice in WL games and he scored two ridiculously good goals. seems pretty good tbh
  • I've subbed him on here and there and it's a decent card to be honest, even seems faster than the stats suggest, free kicks are something else though, I've scored every one taken with him, didn't think I'd do the Beckham challenge due to the 5 free kicks needed & I'd only scored 2 this year previously, but that's long done now.
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