Anyone quitting FUT after this year?


  • Dmb75
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    Icarium wrote: »
    I have been playing fifa for years and just doing career mode, decided to give fut a try. Honestly undecided if I will get fifa again next year, I will most likely wait and see how the gameplay goes in the first couple months before I decide. By that time it has usually gone on sale for 40 bucks instead of 80. Way more excited for cyborg 2077 which is scheduled to come out around the same time, so if that game is as good as it looks that might just be the end anyway.

    FUT has ruined every other game mode for me. I just won’t have anything to with this game after this year.
  • ICUP
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    I’ve said this year is my last one however I need to see what EA do before games released.

    If we can’t do ICON Sbcs I will not be touching UT
    If objectives are still in rivals I will not be touching UT

    If they have not addressed defending and these stupid custom tactics I will buy the game when my boys do but it will just be to play pro clubs
  • Dmb75
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    ICUP wrote: »
    I’ve said this year is my last one however I need to see what EA do before games released.

    If we can’t do ICON Sbcs I will not be touching UT
    If objectives are still in rivals I will not be touching UT

    If they have not addressed defending and these stupid custom tactics I will buy the game when my boys do but it will just be to play pro clubs

    Sounds like you won’t be touching UT
  • Royalwhite
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    Hated 19 & 20 but still getting 21 .. and 22!
  • Neil_14
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    I'll probably end up getting it again, just out of habit really.
  • mway
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    I will get FIFA 21 just because it will be included in OA Premium but I won´t play FUT again. I consider this mode a scam. Now enjoying Seasons. FIFA is a nice game but the amount of BS you face when playing FUT is impossible to tolerate.
  • Hammer316
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    I will most likely buy it straight away but make sure I get the physical copy for an easy out if nothing has improved.
  • 100% will not be playing next year

  • Bedr00mNinja
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    I quit in 2017 and only just come back to it. I now laugh at the scripting, I laugh at the 45 and 90 minute goals, I laugh at being 5-0 up but end up losing the game with the last kick of the ball. Don’t take too seriously and you’ll enjoy it more. Previously it was making me so angry I had to stop, especially as believing in scripting was a minority view at the time
  • i skipped out on 19 and now 21, sold my ps4, ... if EA or another publisher releases a new engine with real football dynamics, i will think about coming back ... otherwise, i am good right now :)
  • JWNYsg
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    I would think about it as may also not buy PS5
  • Endlesswar1985
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    I say that every year
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    100% my last fifa, said it last year and thought sod it ill give it a go, I honestly think they have replaced the delay we were getting last year with some sort of bad game play instead, I had a week of good game play last week sat around the 1650 points mark last three days poor gameplay and I drop down to around 1250, this has happened to me 3 times already,

    When I say bad gameplay, players standing still or right next to opponent not in space, passes through balls terrible, defending non existent every rebound after a tackle goes straight back to opponent, but there is no delay players move and pass the ball fast so its def something else, think ill turn it off for a week and come back then seems to be roughly every other week it happens for me
  • Retropoe82
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    I'm on the fence, part of me does. Im playing the best fifa ive played for a while. Yet the old pack luck especially pulling big players or even a promo player aint happened since 2019. So im basically waiting to see what happens.i don't mind the game play this year.

    Ive avoided sbcs, friendlies etc mainly due there not worth the time or coins imo.

    If this dont change over the course of the game then ill be hopping over the fence. Its as tho the more effort an improvement i make. The more difficult its getting to keep up, mainly as teams around me improve much quicker, all my friends have or have packed quality top tier players. Some ive seen multiple in a single pack.

    Time will tell i guess.

  • Praatpaal
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    Never. Whatever the state of the game is, i will play it every year.
  • will play next year, but have set new goals to achieve this year , so will take that in to next year , no weekend league, not worth it to me for the packs against time spent . i can buy packs with coins, so no 81 red picks for me , like who cares, well i do not :). I will grind game and play with who i want , meta can sod off , i will trade as i enjoy that . Will miss my league sbc grind as not taking part in that now . And saving packs for toty up to 120 now

    As long as i do these things i will still enjoy it , so will carry on .Only thing that concerns me as if they make everything untradeable , then would have to rethink it over as it would take some fun away from me, like they have done this year with lots.

    But at this time, yes will carry on, but that can change , all depends how greedy they get and taking more things from community that some enjoy , and of course if they try to push more people to fifa point purchases, which is what they are doing , which is just terrible, then i can not support that with my purchase again, which is a shame
  • URBirdman
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    100% will not be playing next year

    Just curious, are you 100% not playing FIFA 21? @16Townley90
  • Andyh60
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    Nothing better to play to be honest so yes probably fifa 22 for me
  • johntempera
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    Didn't play 17, 18 or 19. Popped back in very late for 20 and bought 21. And this is it for me. Just way too random, relegators making sure I'll never know my real level, my squads that are either on or off and never normal.

    So no, will not play 22. And interest towards gaming in general is on the fall for me, so probably won't be playing anything else either.
  • Gambling123
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    It may be my last but its the same thing every year and I end up buying the next one
  • URBirdman
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    It may be my last but its the same thing every year and I end up buying the next one

    at least you are being honest :smile:

    Check the first guy (16Townley90) under the OP. Compare what he wrote here and what he is actually doing now... Unfortunately this reflects the cases of most FUT fans...
  • Sausagegman1
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    I actually agree with all of the points on the original message and inside this thread. I played way too much FUT20 during lockdown upwards of 1700 games including squad battles and built two decent teams. One full of middle of the road icons and one BPL. Joined 21 late(about 50 games in) as I didn't think it was worth rushing in as FUT is FUT and I was sure the gameplay would just be the same, different from game to game, server lag, rebound goals we all know the story. It actually impacted my mental health if I am honest. Constantly thinking about the game, better cards etc. Started 21 and liked the new attacking and defence AI but it's gone to s#17 again and I feel like I am just playing the exact same game as last year. Same issues so I have decided to cap my online games to 15 max and I am staying clear of chasing objectives as that's where it becomes an obsession. So long story..I am weaning myself off it as the gameplay is not fun at all and it just becomes a grind. Good luck to all who actually quit!
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    You are allowed to quit now if you don’t like the game? Why wait until the next game?

    It has its flaws sure, but no-one is forcing you to play it, you’re clearly not enjoying it.

    How about just playing friendlies with fun players?
  • All4fun1991
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    Maybe when the lockdown is over. I don’t think I will get time to play.
  • AdagioMalique
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    Quit this year :D ...yearly crap from EA...
  • Craciun911exl
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    EA has said it will appeal a ruling from Dutch authorities over loot boxes in FIFA after it was fined up to €10m.

    In a mid-October ruling, judges at the Court of The Hague authorised the Netherlands Gambling Authority (KSA)'s enforcement of the fine, first imposed in 2019, and published today. EA has three weeks from the date of the order (15th October 2020) to change the way FIFA 19, FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 works in the country. So, in effect, it has one week to make a change to its most recent FIFA games. If it refuses to make a change, EA must pay €500,000 per week, up to a maximum penalty of €10m, in fines.

    The Netherlands Gambling Authority declared loot boxes illegal because they are considered a game of chance, and therefore violate the country's Gambling Act. Under Dutch law, a game of chance that allows a prize or premium to be won can only be provided if a relevant licence has been granted.

    FIFA lets players spend real-world money on Ultimate Team packs, which contain a random assortment of players for use online against other human opponents as well as against the computer. FIFA has been accused of being pay-to-win and for encouraging children to gamble because of this mechanic, which is highly lucrative for EA. According to video game industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls, the FIFA game franchise is a $2bn annual business for EA, with the majority of revenue coming from Ultimate Team sales.
  • JWNYsg
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    i might if i don't buy PS5
  • Afridi19
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    Yes, can’t imagine they improve anything like the previous years, it’s all good on demo and then the patches starts happening and it all goes back to ❤️❤️❤️❤️ gameplay, delay, wrong passing, pack luck etc.

    I will either play PES or just play CODs and other games more enjoyable than fifa, because fifa is a torment to play and spend money on, like understand this, you buy like 100£ more or less and pack ❤️❤️❤️❤️, when actually they could make higher drop rates for players so people can enjoy the game, but no no they want more money spent. Now people will hate on my comment saying it’s not fun playing cr7, mbappe or other etc, but what the hell, the game cycle is 12 month almost then everybody resets and starts over again. Make it more enjoyable with better pack luck, sbcs, gameplay and SERVERS, change the hamsters cuz they clearly are on the verge of pension😂
  • Andyh60
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    Dmb75 wrote: »
    ICUP wrote: »

    If we can’t do ICON Sbcs I will not be touching UT
    If objectives are still in rivals I will not be touching UT

    Agree these were massive issues and to be fair both now sorted in 21.
    My view for fifa 22 is making rivals at least mean something in its own right give fut champs is also played.
  • nearly all will buy again, then moan again, then buy again, then moan again. see the issues:P
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