I just want ICON swap to start



  • AHL
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    Will the objectives all be in friendlies or DR?
  • DrWorm
    623 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Me too
    looking forward to getting pirlo whether via objectives or pinching him off from the market. getting impatient
  • Erkody
    77 posts Park Captain
    Me too
    But sadly you know that EA will find a way to ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it up
  • Wooly1203
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    Me too
    I hope they release them soon. It was really nice having them early on last year. I used Carlos for probably 700-800 games, which is a ton for me. I was hoping they would run swaps like they did and just add icon sbcs back into the mix
  • Damo_Suzuki
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    Don’t care
    Noo wrote: »
    Don't care. Quit the awful game and only come on here to slag off EA occasionally :)

    Wow. Your life is sad...

    Actually, it's a lot less sad than when i put hours and hours in to a broken FIFA game. Try it and you'll see.
  • Lfc23
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    Don’t care
    Haven’t got the time to grind it out

  • CustardHippo
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    Me too
    Couldn’t care less but voted yes as it’s extra content for everyone to work towards. Personally am just menu grinding and squad battling and then playing in the silver lounge here and there.

    Kind of enjoyed the icons last year, feel maybe they should have stuck with it for day one. Meh.
  • HullCity1904
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    Me too
    Literall don't care about anything else right now
  • Bapinho
    3433 posts National Call-Up
    Me too
    i just want to know the picks of the icons.Hope there will be some good ones but its ea so i dont get my hopes up
  • Swanz05
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    Me too
    Mainly looking forward to what it & primes release does to the icon market.
  • Radraptor
    1857 posts Play-Off Hero
    Me too
    The ridiculous thing about all this is why does it have to be a big secret. If EA would just learn how to communicate the community wouldn’t get so frustrated. They already said it was coming in December so give us an effing date and stop stringing people along. It just baffles me the way they handle their community.
  • joehuk
    5191 posts Big Money Move
    Don’t care
    Not fussed.

    I just want some decent icon sbcs.
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