Career Mode Alternatives?

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Although I own FIFA 21, I can't play it until there's an update that at least is playable or closer to FIFA 20. The defending sends me over the edge and playing it isn't healthy.

Any suggestions on another game entirely? I've tried PES, but just can't get into it. Is there an older FIFA that you would suggest? I know that last year's wasn't great, but it's still much better than this year's game. What was your favorite version of FIFA for Career Mode? I could drag them all out, since I've bought them all for years, but was looking for a quick suggestion instead.


  • Arayas
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    Sadly, there is no company who cant grasp the potential of a huge money gain if they make a REAL football game dedicated to a proper career.
    Developers are wasting money with games forgoten in few months, if we talk about good ones.

    We are hostage of 2 lame companies, one who doesnt care and one who doesnt know.
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