Next Gen update now available



  • Hulk43
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    Does anyone know what time tomorrow the ps5 will be officially available? is it 12:01am? Or is it 6pm UK time?
  • AvalanJ
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    TDOF wrote: »
    ha032742 wrote: »
    Anyone figured out how to turn off the haptics in hame if you’re on PS5?

    Settings and accessories in main ps5 menu

    There's an added option in game controller settings to turn it all off
  • Vichy360
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    Played 3 rivals games & I wanted to say it's seriously brilliant.
    No need to patch it, far superior to ps4 version with 0 delay/lag.
  • Hulk43
    36 posts Last Pick at the Park
    PS5 version just became available to download for me! (in Germany)
  • JonesyYo
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    JonesyYo wrote: »
    So much better! Patch has something to do with that as well I think! Didn’t mind the haptics/triggers either I think you should be forced to use them brings more of a nerf to constant pressure!

    The patch isn’t applied to ps5 actually. Ps5 is on an earlier build pre-patch

    Do you know if there planning to patch it up to PS4 version? I’d rather chew glass than go back to that!
  • vjake
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    I am ABSOLUTELY Loving this.
    It's like a real football game.
    Sorry for all you folks having problems. Maybe update your TV that's from 2007?

    A lot of people reporting the same issue. I haven't noticed it but single player graphics is always better than online, that's a fact. The opening game was crazy good graphics and then you play Ultimate Team and it's just not as good.

    Gameplay much better. Shame they didn't include the LB RB skip celebration music carrying on... So annoying if someone skips replays and their stupid song is still playing.
  • ASX
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    Something else I noticed...

    If I play PS5 version of FIFA 21 my son can play any PS4 game whilst logged into my PSN on a PS4...before it would kick me out if he logged in to PS4 whilst I was playing a PS4 game.
  • IronMike69
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    Update after a few games: maybe its because a lot of people have jumped on now but the delay is still there and gameplay seems a bit jittery.

    Usually in the UK now is a good time to play.
  • Wortel1981
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    Tboon wrote: »
    I see a lot off Dutch people with this problem. Anyone from the netherlands got the the download?

    Yes almost finished
  • CFCHenri
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    Input lag back again, was fine last night when testing on Squad Battles Legendary. 9pm EST

    Today I tested on SB and Rivals thought why was there button delay and some heaviness, connection quality shows great as usual. Players moving sideways, heel-to-heel and player moves in front of the ball leaving it behind him. RB dribbling left stick spam to test with players like Douglas Costa and Insigne and the game wasn't having it on both SB and Rivals.
    Still better than it was old gen though

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