Anyone given up? and it’s only November



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    Swanz05 wrote: »
    For anyone uninstalling the game, if you're serious why bother without deleting your club? Serious question. Is it just to free up disc space or is it to avoid the temptation to just load & play?

    This is a good point. I deleted my club too because I knew the addicted part of me would be tempted to get it again if they do a super cheap deal around TOTS time. It was actually hard to delete my club as I had 900k and a decent team and I was almost attached to the team and coins. I think people can't bring themselves to do it basically due to the addiction/mental attachment.
  • Quit on Saturday. Posted the game today after selling on eBay.
    It gets close to 6pm and my mind still thinks 'ooh check the app'. And I'm messing on my phone and end up on these forums out of habit. It's sad how much mental space a game takes up. And one that doesn't even function properly or isn't fair. It's just such a negative experience for your mental being.
    I can feel and remember how i'm much better off without it after just a couple of days of knowing it's gone.

    This is the thing. The time it takes up. It really does become an obsession.

    I’m playing fut for the first time in 4 or 5 years. Came back and really got into it, as there was so much more content than there used to be. I kept playing, would initially just stick mostly to squad battles and finish elite to get good rewards. That’s already boring and also annoying with how the ai will be easy one game then really tough the next.

    Moved to play more rivals and can see the random crap that happens there, with one team’s ai defenders playing really well or badly. Played WL this weekend and could have got gold 3 with 2 more wins from my last 7 or 8 games, but I just got fatigued.

    I also realise that as a non trader it’s down hill from here for me. I’ll be playing teams that are much better than mine and losing more. I can only imagine how much time these people spend on the game because I already feel like it takes up too much time. You have to keep up with promos, player prices, sbcs, re listing players and checking the prices to make sure you don’t sell someone who’s suddenly shot up in price on the cheap, the meta etc... it’s just exhausting, especially as I don’t actually have that much fun playing it. Should’ve stuck to career mode.
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    Uninstalled it tonight no matter what players I tried or what form couldn't find any fun what so ever. Not worth the stress.

    All that time wasting trading to 5m+ ffs

    I reckon there’ll be a lot more people in your position. Trading to get millions, hoping that all will fall into place when they buy their dream team, but it still doesn’t work and still isn’t enjoyable. I beat a few people with incredible teams this WL and they messaged me filled with rage as my French and Ligue 1 team costs about £500k, probably less now, and they couldn’t take that I beat them with it.
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    Playing less and less as the weeks go on! Still enjoying it, there's not much else to play at the minute to be fair
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    Thank ❤️❤️❤️❤️ football manager has been realised on the store also cyberpunk looks a decent game so I shall be getting that when it’s realised, this year hasn’t got me interested at all. I actually find the game play a lot better then last year due to the amount of prats spamming drag backs totally ruined any enjoyment. This year putting objectives in friendlies was a stupid idea, the sbcs are getting even worse to but yeah seems I have lost interest in this fifa before the new year.
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    Stopped on ps4 maybe two weeks ago now, sold the game, week 3 of 21 whenever that was, is when i stopped. The auto block was just too demoralising. I check back in to see if its fixed and play occasionally on Nintendo Switch. Mainly been playing Zelda.

    Think im done with EA altogether. They just can’t make a game that works. In between servers, delay, auto blocking, spamming skill moves whats the point. Hate the fact its “Ultimate team” but you basically have to use a small pool of players otherwise I get battered relentlessly.
  • CharlieC
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    I gave up last November, does that count? 😜
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    CharlieC wrote: »
    I gave up last November, does that count? 😜

    Keep strong Charlie id been out for near 2 years but
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    Hehehe yeah. I was not expecting much knowing EA and their corrupt policies but this Fifa is utter garbage. 19 and 20 were awful but not this awful. Delay is present with 15 ping, with 30 ping with 50 ping. Does not matter at all. Was thinking about waiting it out to see which icob swaps we get but doubt it.
  • Honestly, we should be able to sue EA to get any money spent on the game and packs purchased. They give us a good game at the start to sell it, then patch it to high hell making it a completely different game we bought into, adding mechanics and turning others up.
    The game is utter trash now, the delay over the past few days is pitiful, if you are the away team in fut friendlies the delay is 10 fold. EA have proven time and time again to be completely incompetent, comparable to peasant programmer. Fingers crossed everyone that is suing EA win, so we can watch the EA stocks crash and laugh as the ceo and his minions lose their jobs. Fingers crossed more countries block fifa points as Netherlands and Belgium both have
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    It’s good to see the feedback here and thank you everyone for commenting with their frustrations. This is no attack at ea but simple feedback on their game, I wish they communicate with their fan base properly to help solve these problems and I think it’s one of the main things that’s been lacking is the communication between us fans and them.

    This game was brilliant at the start and I loved every part of it but unfortunately every patch has made it worse, hopefully our feedback can get to the right person and I’m loving the menu activities so far, gameplay is just a little bit behind atm
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    Long gone and not missing it at all. Online Sports Sims cause me more rage than anything else in my entire life. The inane AI animation in FUT this year just ratcheted it up most of the time. Much more pain than fun. Games shouldn't be that way.
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    I'm close. I kid you not that I just conpleted my 9th draw in a row for rivals... Before that I had a total of 12 draws in almost 300 games....

    Up 4 goals? No problem, just engage constant pressure and EA will gift you a draw or win...
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