Keep conceding kick off goals..

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No matter what I do, I can't stop these. I know what they are doing but my players, Just can't stop them. its crazy, how it happens in every game of mine.

Sad thing is, I can never do it myself as


  • Amdp9
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    Yeah it’s annoying honestly. I have conceded pretty much each game on WL on 2nd min. I think it has to do with constant pressure and team press. Opponent st gets the ball and runs though the whole defense and scores. But each game I have answered my opponent after the conceded that goal
  • BeastlyHusla
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    I'll do all the work to score first and then lose that advantage as soon as they take centre kick... Why this even is a thing is complete garbage.
  • Mattheos
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    Bad animations. This games full of them.
  • alvchong
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    Many specialist in this in WL.... they seem doing it in every match to cancel out your lead. Is a skill... need to learn.
  • Shake88
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    Best thing i do is take em out its the only way u don't get many bookings now either. Also u can set a formation to use after they kick off with everyone on come back and everything on drop back
  • Wayno69
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    team press and take him out immediately.
  • Can't remember when I last conceded a kick off goal. Must have been ages ago.

    Don't think they are a problem whatsoever this year.

    Feel free to upload a clip so that people can give actual tips.
  • Chavez76
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    VERY rarely concede from kickoff myself. Putting on team pressure for a few seconds seems to help a lot for me.
  • ContraCode64
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    Wayno69 wrote: »
    team press and take him out immediately.

    Pretty much this. Just slide through the first player you can hit. 9 times out of 10 you don't even get a card and they lose possession straight from the freekick - that's assuming the game even bothers to acknowledge it as a foul.
  • dinbaba
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    Take him out, sooner than later, only way to stop it
  • RadioShaq
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    Use offside trap and just manually defend.
  • Wayno69
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    RadioShaq wrote: »
    Use offside trap and just manually defend.

    or if you want to be fancy try this loool
  • MrMTFC
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    If you can't defend the first attack, best bet is probably use the 1st player you can to slide/foul them as high up the pitch as you can. Causes the break in play and should hopefully help you break the rut of conceding here
  • Dead_Dave
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    RadioShaq wrote: »
    Use offside trap and just manually defend.

    This was mentioned in a thread a few weeks ago and since i have adopted this I dont think i have let one in, probably jinxed it now.
  • Dazs23
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    Do you guys just blame everything on pressure tactics? How do you think a defensive tactic helps somebody attack and score? Why would an attacker use a tactic aimed at engaging closer to the opponent whilst they have the ball?

    Simple answer, don’t dive into block tackles, read the fakeys and then take everything

    If they are juggling the ball, then wipe out is used
  • BeastlyHusla
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    I manually tackle. I can get on his player but I'm getting out muscled and the tackles my players are doing are not enough. I've even tried going drop back and also keep pressing off side trap.

    Is there anywhere to watch goals conceded
  • Maximus AK47
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    The silly thing about that EA silly glitch is
    • you see your opponent is going to use that Kick off "magic"
    • you try moving your players to block direction of his movement (running in between of lines)
    • EA [email protected] up you and player switching has HUGE delay....
    • Finally, you are able to switch and press/ tackle opponent...
    • ups, he has Mbappe/ Cr7... and ball goes back to him straight behind you defense line....
    • he runs to open goal...
    • your GK concedes easy goal across goal or between legs

    Well, of course better players concede LESS of that [email protected] glitch EA goals... But I am 100% sure that even PROs get those goals in game.... It is NOT skill... it is MECHANICS of game and its status.....

    Kickoff glitch was almost dead in the 2nd part of FIFA20.. but now is back again for some reasons from EA....

    Maybe EA nerds think it is VERY REALISTIC?... like happens all the time in REAL FOOTBALL?.. )))))) :D
  • JGDC74
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    I have absolutely no respect for players who do this.
    My general rule is: If they dribble past my second player then I disconnect to give them a loss.
    It's not worth getting angry about. It's easier to just quit and find another game. I

    Did this yesterday. I was already thinking of quitting when he kept spamming dragbacks. But after I went 1-0 up he tried to do the glitch and I just decided I didn't want to play against this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ anymore.
  • RedDevilNL
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    I take control of my fastest striker and chase the attacker if he tries to run straight at goal.

    If they pass back to their midfield I activate team press just until my defenders push up to man mark then turn it off.

    I had been conceding frequent kickoff goals and these things have sorted it out, for now.
  • tommyboyo
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    No matter what I do, I can't stop these. I know what they are doing but my players, Just can't stop them. its crazy, how it happens in every game of mine.

    Sad thing is, I can never do it myself as

    Hack em down.

    It's the only way :)
  • Torn4do
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    I think the problem stems from the fact that all your players are standing still at kick off so when a player runs at you, you are on the back foot trying to get up to speed.

    I try and move one of my strikers to just behind the midfield and track the players run and try and cut them off before they get to the defence.
  • D0lvl
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    From experience, usually happens when opponent is sprinting full speed ahead towards your goal and animations and collisions go in their favor placing the ball behind your defender and you catching up or getting outmuscled now by his through attacker.

    Most of the time, thankfully, I'm able to disrupt this speed burst by backing off and anticipating his path. I'm able to knock the ball away from him.

    It's really stupid how your teammates just stand there watching till you either switch which is too late or out of position by now.

    KO goals don't happen as much as say fifa 19 but it exists in fifa 21.
  • Hopeful_but_nah
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    It seems to work most whenever they run at the space between your defenders. The switch takes too long to work, the delay in the action means your tackle is late and they’re gone through, or both defenders just watch as though there is a glitch that they couldn’t both possibly tackle.

    Some games it happens heaps. Others the pressure tactic stops them. Seems to come down to standard of gameplay in each game for me.
  • tzinc
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    all my players freeze as he runs down the field and gets a clear great shot on goal - SMH happens over and over I know what he's doing but my players can't get to him !!!!!!!!
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