How would you classify your pack luck this year?



  • ASX
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    Good in the first week or two including trial period, packing Salah, Mane, Richarlison (when he was with 30k+) twice and a few other high rated cards...took a complete nose dive in luck though almost immediately after the 2nd week of playing.
  • Simm0
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    Untradeable 88 Torres(First ever Icon)
    A couple of Sane’s when he was 120k

    Nothing else really, but getting an icon is never really bad!
  • Clemster
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    edited November 2020
    Packed messi and neymar so what ever rest of fut gives me I can't complain
  • Ftl
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    Pretty bad
    Best was untradable joe gomez and mendy. Tradable nothing over 60k
  • Loco_kniene
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    Amazing. Can't ask for more.
    Packed ; Mid Ferdinand, Varane, Auba 2x, Pogba, Mendy, RB Cuadrado, Gomez 2x, Son, IF Kimmich, UCL Rashford and alot of 86+ cards.

    Mainly because I constantly do the gold upgrade sbc's 😂
  • Maaax354
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    - Neymar (kept him anyway)

    87 Guardiola

    Playing all of them in my team.
  • RayS
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    Packed Griezman, Bruno Fernades and Joe Gomez first 2 weeks with no money spent to start me off, then the week after I packed R94 tradeable who was around 10mill at the time when I sold him.

    Think you've used up your pack luck for the year!
  • FutsalBros0710
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    TDOF wrote: »

    Considering amount of packs I have opened I would say good.. Since I do not know how to put video or picture in comment (im estupidou I know) @TDOF s comment sums it up 😂
  • maximilson
    977 posts Professional
    Given the fact that I'm Belgian and can't open packs with points I'd say its pretty decent. Most notable pulls:

    Ben Yedder (at the start when he was 100k+)
    De Jong (start of the game)

    Di Maria
    OTW Semedo
    OTW Osihmen
  • Razovar
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    Packed joe Gomez, rashford, wijaldum that I got about 400k from. But nothing else
  • nightcrawler
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    Tradeable Mendy, IF Gomez
    Untradeable Son

    Pretty good contrary to last year
  • IraqBruin
    1838 posts Play-Off Hero
    Pretty bad
    I am going to mention only 85+ players, there are of course some META players below that range but that remains the exception in ratings (I had to buy them)

    From Packs I got:
    89 Courtois (first weekend of november)
    88 Kroos (Early Access)
    85 Parejo
    85 Gnabry
    85 Pjanic
    85 Bonoucci
    85 De Ligt
    85 Godin
    85 Thiago

    From guarnteed OTW:

    From Guaranteed TOTW:

    I bought with coins and earned through SBC (no FP):
    Alejandro Gomez
    Thiago Silva OTW
    Alex Sandro
    Romelo Lukaku
    Sabitzer (Season end)
  • Burnzee Boyee
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    RayS wrote: »

    Average for me.
    No big names, non100k plus names to trade. Only time I had that was fifa18 when I packed CR7 and kept him 😆
  • Pretty bad
    I play RTG and receive decent Squad Battles and Weekend league (gold 2 on avg) rewards and do almost all tradaeble SBC's that are worth it.

    So far my best picks are

    1. Rashford (185k)
    2. Havertz (125k Worth But I kept him as a player and replaced him with OTW later but he dropped to 30k)
    3. Benzema (47k) Today actually
    4. Andrew Robertson (30k)
    5. Carvajal (20k)

    All In all I do not feel satisfied, As especially this weekend I noticed my team is falling short against other WL teams (which is not a suprise since they have pay to win teams with atleast 2 out of 4 from ronaldo, mbappe, messi or neymar. and picked option 4 from the poll.

    I think I have every right to be dissatisfied so far. I haven't packed any real jackpot (nothing over 200k) None of the event items (OTW/RTTF/BTOTW/Rule-record-breakers) or icon yet.

  • TomPUFC193416
    415 posts An Exciting Prospect
    RayS wrote: »

    IF Rashford untradeable
    Kante untradeable
    Varane untradeable
    Werner untradeable x2
    Mbappe in a regular gold pack squad battles rewards
    VVD in premium gold pack from draft rewards
    Mendy untradeable
    IF Ramos
    OTW Semedo

    Also got numerous 85-90 rated players untradeable saved for fodder.

    I can’t complain!
  • Chewbaccary
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    I continue to have solid untradeable luck: Varane, Rashford (x2), and now Pogba

    I have yet to hit a promo card or icon, which is pretty nutty considering the volume of packs I've opened through objectives and SBCs. It's unreal how scarce they make these items, especially since most of them aren't that amazing.
  • WFCBagnall
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    edited December 2020
    The whole of the SBC thread hate me because of my pack pulls :(:smirk:
  • bartsch88
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    edited December 2020
    Pretty bad
    I’ve packed tradeable Salah but other than that nothing that great. Considering the amount of packs and having spent some money on FP in the beginning, pretty poor this year. Last year my pack luck was amazing.

    Edit: I did pack 2x untradeable Joe Gomez from 2 player packs so that sucked. 140k down the drain.
  • Cheetah Thumbs
    4601 posts National Call-Up
    I voted a while back, but mines still in pretty good. Last night from the weekly pre order I got robertson and pogba, and today on one of the upgrades I got Werner. Still debating when the best time to sell pogba and robertson will be.
  • tzinc
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    Unbelievably awful
    I picked Unbelievably Awful but it should be Believably Awful - that is how this game is programmed pack weight is always ludicrously bad - people have spent 6000 dollars and got nothing worthwhile
  • spacemunky
    46 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Unbelievably awful
    I just made the mistake of buying an "Ultimate" pack.

    Best card....

    83 Tadic lol

    Not even another 83 in it.

    I can only hate myself for it though, as I am not new to the "surprise mechanics".

    In a way, I'm glad that just happened. Needed that reminder.
  • D0lvl
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    It’s been unreal with the ligue 1 upgrade sbc

    I’ve pulled RB Mbappe, Neymar, and IF Renato Sanches.
  • Wurrsmycash
    1204 posts Professional
    For an RTG getting two end game cards Untradable and two cards that won't leave my team all year in:

    IF Rashford
    RTTF Davies

    Id say thats good pack luck. Amassed almost 1M transfer profit (don't trade just game grind) with some decent fodder in the club too
  • oneskyworld
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    edited December 2020
    My pack luck continues to be quite good. Got pogba out of a 75 rated rare player pack. The thing is my connection continues to be poor. With delays like that, it doesn't really matter what players I got.
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  • JWNYsg
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    it was a bit tough for me to decide

    i don't want to be labelled an ingrate for getting CR7 from a red Silver 1 finish - that was very lucky, was happy to get Leno based on my rank

    most of my other grabs have not been good, even with FIFA points. from SB, Rivals or WL

    the best card i got was 150k (and one off) it was from a 75+ player pack and i got RTTF Oblak (untradeable)

    the best tradeable card i got was below 60k so far

    would this be classified overall as "Good" or "Average" or "Amazing" - just because of CR7?

    Notwithstanding, i could get nothing much until TOTS likely

  • Dmb75
    992 posts Professional
    Saving all my good packs for TOTY but I’ve had average luck of the packs I’ve opened
    985 posts Professional
    Pretty bad
    After packing Eusebio in the icon SBC I would like to amend my luck haha.
  • RileyD
    2293 posts Fans' Favourite
    Not played as much this year so I haven't hit any milestone packs yet and I don't do a lot of the pack SBC but the only notable, tradeable pull I've had was IF Rashford who I sold for something like 650k. I was chuffed with that as I'm running a Serie A side this year and I bought my whole team with that!

    I've had some decent untradeables too such as IF Joao Felix, Ben Yedder and Koulibaly.

    Some weeks though, I barely get an 83 from rewards.

    It's all luck, chaps!
  • TwoZebras
    6741 posts Big Money Move
    Pretty bad
    Still haven't packed anyone that has sold for more than 30k so that's cool
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