Pro Clubs Progress DOES NOT Transfer to Ps5

Hey everyone, fifa vet here.

They just announced the Ps5 version of the game is only transferring FUT (shocking) and Volta progress from the current gen. As someone who was anxiously awaiting the next gen version, this is super disappointing. The game has also been delayed so it's launching 3 weeks after the systems come out. Honestly, this is forgivable given the nature of the world right now but hold that thought...

Let's think back to 2013 when the current gen consoles released. They managed to transfer over almost all of the Ps3's progress to the Ps4 (career mode guys, I feel your pain - I know that mode wasn't transferred over last time either). We're talking about two systems (Ps3 to Ps4) that had completely different system architectures too. Meanwhile, the Ps5 is a natural progression on the 'off-the-shelf components' philosophy Sony adapted with the Ps4's hardware. Is it really so difficult to transfer over Pro Clubs and Seasons data? Is it that much of a hassle? Are they not server based modes (stats, progression, team info, etc.) just like FUT and Volta?

They're claiming that they wanted to instead focus on new features (ultra realistic crowds, "10,000 new animations", new lighting, super fast loading, "insert generic marketing word x feature"), but honestly it just feels like yet another slap in the face from the developers. I'm not just speaking from a Pro Clubs perspective either. I'm sure there's tons of Seasons players that have grinded good records up until now that will be pretty cheesed once they find out. Let's not even mention Career mode again, those guys are shafted on the regular, and have been for years on end.

Anyways, curious to hear what others think.


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    i am wondering though, do we have to buy two fifa 21s now? that is crazy if so. im really confused as to what there plans are. i get that we have to start over, but buying two copies of fifa 21 is ridiculous.
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