scouting system didn't have any change

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five star scout, useless, if u played england, they can find many footballer players but they are playing in england only, others scouts, found so less players than in home league, they can't find any new or over 30( players) , for an example, germany, italy etc league, they are five star, but found nothing!!!!!

like most of players who posted thread here, we like to play career mode, scouting system/global system is the most useful tools, but the game since certain FIFA , have be doing so bad, the system is working less efficiently, objectives is useless, they found nothing- five star scout.

i didn't know what the scout can find a number of players, five star scout, but they didn't complete the scout report? why EA sport didn't allowed them to completed the report but required ppl to go to that panel and select each of players "one by one"!!! why EA sport require ppl to do it manually?

why EA sport is doing so bad on the global system in any FIFA series? football manager is doing better than them , but both should be using the similar method to the scouting system in the game, the data base is there, ppl info/details are there, so doing so bad in the scouting system? u dont think it's so stupid that u havd to manually select them one by one then apply the scount for two weeks, then they dispeared after another weeks then ppl have to manually to find them again and do the above work again and again?
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    This is another trick to destroy career mode.
    The value and the skills of the players are known in real world, why do i need a dude to stay 14 days to tell me something? What can you do in 14 days in real life? Nothing.
    I like the way the players are presented in initial screen: for example: stamina 12-87. I mean, it could be 12 or maybe 50 or maybe 81. 12-87 is another joke. If it was 68-80, i will understand, somewhere in that area, "we need to observ more!". 12-87? Really?
    I am expecting for a new improvement from EA, same system implemented in the age of the scouted player:
    "He's between 2 and 88, that, if is still alive."
    We REALLY need another company to make a football game (and no, Konami its a parody just like EA is)).
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