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  • Hristanya
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    I have used 88 cantona and he is amazing in smooth gameplay in bad he is a big fraud.. Would get pushed off the ball and would fall down constantly even though his strength and other key stats are better then ronaldos while ronaldo is impossible to get off the ball after a scoop turn
  • Spillaren
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    xFATAL wrote: »
    Spillaren wrote: »
    Picked up base zidane for the WL and played him as a RCM in 41212(2)

    Had some issues with speed up lag this WL, first 7 games was a breeze still even with up to 10 speed up lags per game, then the lag got worse and lets just say I needed 16 more games to get to 11 wins....

    Not sure what to make of him, first 7 games that felt bit better he did the job but bit wasted as an RCM, reckon gerrard would be better there. Gonna stick a shadow on him and try him as a cdm without stay back when attacking in a 4231 and see if he does better there.

    Kinda wasting his offensive stats at CDM, Better off just getting Kante or RB Pogba. He's the best as an attacking CCM or using at CAM in that formation with a Hunter.

    I agree but then again Neymar is a better cam than him in this meta after trying to play him as my CAM. With that said Zidane been excellent as my CDM on balanced in a 4231, great interceptions, decent in the tackle, and amazing at bringing the ball forward, even chips in with a goal now and then.
  • HysxteriA
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    Any reviews on the following? will be playing as a lone striker with Talisca RB behind...

    87 Dalglish (small, agile 5* WF)

    89 Ronaldinho (looks fun, stamina not issue this year, looks good with hunter and strong too)

    87 Suker (looks very well rounded but I don't like the idea of having 2 lefties)

    89 Nedved (very well rounded, looks a good enough dribbler 5* weak foot)

    90 Henry (height, presence, finesse, looks good)

    Would appreciate any feedback for any of the above icons please!
  • SeñorCatflap
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    88 Raul feels a bit meh this year
  • Verg
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    didn't really like cantona too, although the stats look so good.

    baggio is really good for his price.

    dinho and r9 is always the best combo, even if they don't feel as smooth as pele. this one could be a bit biased though.
  • Spillaren
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    gonna try mid lothar or mid garrincho for this wl depending on formation I settle on, will post review
  • number7rocky
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    89 Eusebio insane as expected. 49 goals, 10 assists in 25 games, alot of those rage quits to, D1 and WL
  • aladdin
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    picked up base maradona for this WL. he’s fantastic - how you’d want messi to be
  • Arsenalfc93
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    I have 88 owen and is unbelievable only thing that lets him down is passing and strength but everything else he is quality
  • Arsenalfc93
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    His passing is ok just sometimes its poor
  • Gullit 1258
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    Oh my god anyone used baby puskas Jesus he’s so good 10 fut champ games 33 goals he’s unbelievable
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  • Who had that mid zidane at 2.5m
  • Spillaren
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    anyone tried mid vieira yet`? trying to justify to myself spending 3.8m on him...
  • t14migit
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    I have inform valverde, I play 4231, who would be the best alongside him as the other dm. 85 seedorf, 87 makelele or either guardiola?
  • Thuq
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    Not a banger but packed A.Cole base from a season pack. My very first icon to pack so was happy.

    Didnt plan on using him at first but i then changed up my team and he simply just fit better. Gotta say he's really good, using him as LM in 352 and theres not one bad thing i have to say. Well he does what i expect him to do.

    Anyone else had chance to try him out? Thoughts?
  • Spillaren
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    play mid lothar, mid blanc, mid alberto and mid lahm (who I praised here loads already) in a 4312 this WL, Lothar did bits as a RCM, way better than base zidane there for me, lahm again is just a better kante for me and immense in the middle, played both for 100 games (kante and lahm)

    Lothar 9/10, use an engine chem on him, doesnt feel stiff at all and does bits wherever he is on the pitch, as the card stats suggests, hes good at everything and his presence is really felt in a position I struggle to make players work in.

    Lahm 9.5/10 already written about him but again just a better kante for me.

    Blanc 9.5/10 Way better than VVD was for me, agile, rarely concede a penalty from his challenges and probably the best centreback in the game at the moment, think I wrote about him before too lol.

    Alberto 9.5/10 Best right back in the game surely, thought he werent worth his price tag and went back to semedo for a bit, didnt take many games to realize he is a beast and bought him back. Great bombing forward, superb at defending and can also slot in as a CB.
  • Tylercftla
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    Spillaren wrote: »
    ha032742 wrote: »
    Spillaren wrote: »
    Spillaren wrote: »
    is mid garrincha worth the 1.6-1.8m coins?

    guess I will find out this weekend league :)

    Very good especially at this stage of the game. Tekkz has him in his team.

    bought him for 1.75m yday sold for 1.94m just now as I noticed his price spiked and no WL today anyways, didn't expect for him to sell at that price, tempted to try to get middle cantona being a united fan and he looks like a boss for the CAM role which I intended to play garrincha.


    Mid cantona has been great for me. Takes on CB s and very rarely gets pushed off the ball
  • CraigTaaylor
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    Anyone tried Xavi? Baby or mid....
  • DeMolay145
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    Im thorn between Mid Shevchenko, Kluivert or Rush. Any help?
  • BrieMine
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    DeMolay145 wrote: »
    Im thorn between Mid Shevchenko, Kluivert or Rush. Any help?

    Shevchenko is bad, doubt any of those would be great, I’d try Rush tho
  • Spillaren
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    DeMolay145 wrote: »
    Im thorn between Mid Shevchenko, Kluivert or Rush. Any help?

    Haven’t tried but seen okay reviews about rush out of those.
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    In my quest for old school Arsenal, i have these -:

    Baby Vieira - packed him week 3, amazing, can see why he’s so popular with the serious FUTers,
    Mid Overmars- rapid and lethal coming into the box
    Mid Cole- very steady, quick but not as strong as my baby carlos last year
    Mid Wright - industrious, finishes everything
    Mid Bergkamp- great on the ball, finishes everything, great runs and link up

    Mid Garrincha - packed him, super quick, ball control was amazing, strong too. Sold him
    Mid Pierlo- picks every pass and makes great runs, easiky knocked off ball, Sold him
    Mid Nakata- phenomenal attacker, runs well, passes well, not great at tracking but was CAM, Sold him
    Mid Baggio - king of everything attack wise great finisher and link up, Sold him
    Mid Vidic- String as hell but clunky and no energy late on - 4 games So Sold him
    Mid Campbell- Beast, quick and reads well, poor passer & turns like a tanker, Sold him

    I packed two this year, previous best was one ever.

    Love the icons, next up in line is Mid Cech, Baby Desaiily(he made VVD look like phil jones for me last year) Mid Petit (great for me last year) and probably Mid Figo or Best.

    75 posts Park Captain

  • Spillaren
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    just have to say mid lothar is a freakin beast if you play 41212(2) or 4312 on either right or left CM now after close to 50 games played with him. Had base Zidane there before and Lothar is just way better in that role for me, defending and attacking equally as good.
  • Laplanduil
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    I have an untradable CR7 and run him ST with Eusebio 89 CAM. Where Eusebio is obviously unreal, at CAM he is just not worth his price. His passing is a huge letdown sometimes. He and CR7 cant be in the same squad as I found both incredible strikers but at CAM they lack passing.

    So I need to chose a new Icon CAM with budget around 3mil. Was looking for Dinho 91, Maradonna 91 and Puskas 92. Any thoughts from you guys?
  • CovLee_Candice
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    91 dinho mate
  • Spillaren
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    Spillaren wrote: »
    just have to say mid lothar is a freakin beast if you play 41212(2) or 4312 on either right or left CM now after close to 50 games played with him. Had base Zidane there before and Lothar is just way better in that role for me, defending and attacking equally as good.

    beast as a cdm in 4231 paired with lahm as well btw, was going to upgrade to vieira but 4m is a bit too steep.
  • Demon_reborn
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    BARTM8N wrote: »

    Lucas is an eyesore. Surely you should have Pepe in there.
  • Spillaren
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    Given middle Best 10 games in division rivals as a RAM in 4231.

    His stamina is not an issue, great on the ball, and contributes quite a lot with 11 goals 9 assists in those 10 games. Great on the ball, strong finishing, and got decent enough height and strength to deal with back post crosses and not get bullied off defenders if through on goal. I tried Salah, Figo, and Garrincha as my RAM, and Best been much better for me, highly recommend him.

    Feel free to ask about any of the other Icons in my squad, have close to 100 games or more played with each of them.

  • Spillaren
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    Im doing it, Im getting mid Vieira, will let you know if he is worth 4m or not.

    Gonna run IF Kante + mid Vieira this WL in 4231, gonna test him on both stay back and no instructions other than cover centre since due to his workrates.
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