How’s your WL going?



  • Stitty10
    107 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Cureently 12-11. I just want gold 3, was 10-4 but I'm knackered and just want to go to bed. Really havent enjoyed this weekend league and I think I need a break
  • MFCLee
    32 posts Last Pick at the Park
    After a dodgy start, a game I should’ve easily seen out then lost (I even made a thread about it I was so raging), I’ve actually been on course for my best ever WL. I’ve been super busy all weekend so haven’t had much time to play, but managed to get 11 out of 14 to see me to silver one. I’m normally a gold 3, on a very good weekend gold 2 player so that is unbelievable going for me.

    And typically I’m so tired and ran out of time I can’t see it through to the end so I’ll leave it there. Hopefully continues though, I’ve been playing really well lately.
  • Nickthegreek20
    2765 posts Fans' Favourite
    Bottled Gold 1 by losing the last 2. Not even blaming the gameplay, just lost games that could have gone either way
  • Edge01
    442 posts Sunday League Hero
    G2, but I lost count of how many penalties I gave away and all of the last man sliding tackles from behind that people were doing and somehow only got a yellow if that.
  • Rahat786786
    241 posts Sunday League Hero
    Just got elite 3 on last game. Had one dc as well!

    First e3 this year, delighted.
  • Mudzwag
    73 posts Park Captain
    Gold 3 with 9 games left, last 2 weeks struggled to secure Silver 1.
    Messi to the rescue.
  • win123vn
    587 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Typical G3 player with around 15 wins/30 games.

    This WL was strange as I went from 8-4 to 10-12, then suddenly my team found its strengh to 17-12, first G2 of Ff21. Hopefully redpick Bruno will be there...
  • Tekkerz
    3750 posts National Call-Up
    Div 4 20/9 gold 1
    Last week scraped 14-16
    Since the update I can now tackle and not get a yellow card.
    Pulling out the gk on corners has worked wonders not conceded 1.
  • Kevin19896
    460 posts Sunday League Hero
    20-8 , gold 1 happy with that. packed mbappe in gold upgrade thing so he kinda saved it lol
  • RageRambler
    1133 posts Professional
    Started off 7-5 like every week, then finished at 11-11 like every week. The delay gets so bad, and the gameplay is so frustratingly stressful, I have no desire to finish my last 8 games... I was a gold 2 player last year, but none of these games are even fun anymore.
    The same stuff happens every almost every game. I go up by 2 goals and then my players either hit an invisible wall of force, my commands aren't being registered, and I give up uncontrollable goals. Or ill have the occasional 6-0, 5-1 easy win...
    Hope the next generation fixes some of the delay issues and other random in game circus stuff that goes on which we can't discuss on the forums....
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