How's Your WL So Far?


  • Flymi
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    11-9. 10 games to get 3 wins, should be able to lol
  • Habermas
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    edited November 2020
    Finished 14-16, won the last 4 games to just scrape gold 3, so quite satisfied with that, as I lost 5-6 games due to extreme lag and had to play on my moms below par
    wi-fi connection for all 30 games 😁
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  • GrandTheftFifa
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    14 wins. Last time I had 14 wins was when we received 2000 points for it, to escape qualifying for WL.
  • DannySTFC
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    edited November 2020
    Stopping 14-8.

    Should have been 14-7, 2-0 up against an average opponent and I thought it was done, didn’t concentrate or work as hard as I usually do because it was comfortable then he pulled one back, the game shifted momentum and went to penalties where I lost. Next game I was 3-1 up and thought it was done, back to 3-3 then I won it 4-3 with about twenty minutes to go, against someone using ASM, Adama, Jesus etc and he was a celebration watcher, he then brought on loan Mbappe, the type of opponent you love to beat that is.

    Red Depay 22 games 23g 10a ST and CAM
    Salah 22 games 15g 7a RCAM and RF
    POTM Fati 22 games 7g 13a LCAM and LF

    Mixed my team up quite a bit during the weekend, Hazard chipped in with 4g, Inaki Williams 8g 7a, Bruno with the odd goal and assist, couldn’t settle with a team kept swapping Bruno, Hazard, Inaki, Talsica.
  • JPRM71
    3713 posts National Call-Up
    4-3 to 4-7 this morning on the ice skating 2nd to every ball connection. Try for a fair game later
  • nexesstar
    584 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Won 3 on the bounce this morning to finish 14-12.
  • A_Snipe
    3111 posts National Call-Up
    6-2 now I’m 6-6. This game is impossible. How can tackles magnet back to the every time
  • Biged808
    255 posts Sunday League Hero
    Not been playable for me with delay
  • Mattheos
    1778 posts Play-Off Hero
    borderline unplayable.
  • Neckabob
    13951 posts Has That Special Something
    Was 17-2 my best ever. Suddenly EA decides ro match me up againts those Fifa 20 "pros" 4231 stayback run around with your CDM counter. 17-5 now
  • DannySTFC
    7189 posts Big Money Move
    Neckabob wrote: »
    Was 17-2 my best ever. Suddenly EA decides ro match me up againts those Fifa 20 "pros" 4231 stayback run around with your CDM counter. 17-5 now

    With an elo that high you’re going to come up against people who know how to get the best out of the game mate, good players know how to utilise their CDMs and only use CBs as last ditch option, it’s the smart thing to do, as in real life you have to get past the defensive midfielders before the defence itself. Good luck with the rest of your games 👍
  • Gold 2 with one game to spare, I don’t know why but I’m finding tackling so difficult this Fifa, 50 champs wins pack was insane though
  • dina00079
    44 posts Park Captain
    Disgusting is the word you all are looking for
  • Jrutts
    816 posts Professional
    Somethings changed since the last patch, youtubers forum and everyone I know who plays the game has had a massive drop in finish place this weekend. Crazy and infuriating
  • Nodge86
    3675 posts National Call-Up
    Play Dutch or German - Get delay. Nothing has changed.
  • A_Snipe
    3111 posts National Call-Up
    I’ve lost 2 more. I literally can’t get wins today. 5 games I’ve lost by 1. One game I lost 3-0. I wish I knew how to post videos but I’m sure the same stuff happens to everyone else. It’s beyond a joke
  • Gorda
    3892 posts National Call-Up
    Finished 16-14, happy with that best result sofar in FIFA 21.
  • Wurrsmycash
    1204 posts Professional
    Finished 14-10

    Disgusting WL this week, non stop Traores and Manes. Nobody has any creativity when it comes to teams.

    Most people know that for average players the team doesn't matter anyway. Constant pressure on the counters.

    Got screwed over in so many matches with glitchy animations, 45/90/kick off goals. Couldn't wait to finish it !
  • Amdp9
    6643 posts Big Money Move
    I was 7-0 on Friday and now 7-8 not sure what to do from here, delay is awful for me
  • Finished gold 3 with 4 games left.
  • JPRM71
    3713 posts National Call-Up
    6-12 unplayable I’m done for a fortnight
  • JPRM71
    3713 posts National Call-Up
    edited November 2020
    Nodge86 wrote: »
    Play Dutch or German - Get delay. Nothing has changed.

    Yeah this all day long... I’ll be opening ports and blocking access to all servers apart from London and Dublin in the next two weeks. I will beat this company 💪🏼
  • Giroud9267
    512 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Got Gold one for the first time in about a year, had two disconnectes from winning positions and a game to spare at the end also.

    Best fifa I’ve played in a long time. Having Friday, Saturday and Sunday free from work helped immensely, people who can play games whenever they feel on the regular are incredibly lucky. Not tired for once and having all those extra hours makes everything so much easier.

    Also, Auba and Talisca are unreal together up top - Talisca exceeded my expectations.
  • First weekend league this year. Finished 15 - 15. Fairly happy with the result although every game is intense. Not that enjoyable to play and the pressure is sometimes immense.
  • JWNYsg
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    Same last week. Lost the vital last game. 13 wins again.

    Good luck to those still playing
  • Rolandinho
    1017 posts Professional
    From 14-4 to 17-13, brutal mm
  • housu
    34 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Last week a very painful 14-15 and I gave away the last win. This time stopped at 14-6. Guess I found myself good custom tactics.
  • TDOF
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    edited November 2020
    TDOF wrote: »

    15-0 to 23-7

    Bottled it...
  • Flymi
    671 posts An Exciting Prospect
    16-14. Needed to win my last game to get gold 2. Comfortably in front3-1 after 90mins. We all know what happened next. Its clearly not in the game. From 70% to being unable to make pass.

    I'm gonna hold out till ps5. If its still terrible I'm not putting myself through a year of this.
  • Radraptor
    1857 posts Play-Off Hero
    I’m 6-4. Got some work to do to get to at least 11 but should get that fairly easy.
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