Game crashing after making substition?

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Any other Xbox users seeing consistent crashes after scoring a goal and then pausing to make a substitution?

It’s happened at least three times so far this WL. Crashes the game and takes me all the way out of FIFA.

I’m scared to sub, which isn’t a lot of fun when you’re trying to get back in a game.


  • Absting159
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    @fussydutchman Yeah man. I lost 2 games because of this. It seems to crash at the end of the replay (when you unpause) as the replay ends and the animation that segue's back to the game - - - I had it crash there in 2 separate matches.

    I reported it to David.
  • Tsarov
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    Yes. I have the same issue.
  • fussydutchman
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    I’ve just stopped subbing directly after I score a goal. That seems to be working. If I need to sub after a goal, I wait until play starts and then hit pause so I can sub at the next break in play. Stupid to have to do that, but I have to do something to avoid it
  • HeroBent
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    Seems to be crashing if the opponent tries to sub after I score as well... good going.

    Edit; and I got the loss and reduction in DNF as well
  • Absting159
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    Yep, I lost 2 WL games because of this. Coincidentally I was losing in both circumstances and I paused to make subs. . .but still, I'd have like the opportunity to try! LOL.

    David is looking into if this is something they are tracking; so if its not I'll ask they watch for more posts. It's clearly a bug.
  • SkyBlueSteve
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    Happened to me on PS4 too
  • Dannyiddo
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    Exact same problem. Crashed after I had scored and tried to make subs. Huge bug that must be fixed!!! I’m on Xbox
  • Ive had this issue too. Does anyone’s Xbox turn off when it freezes? I wasn’t sure if this was a fault with my Xbox or the game...
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