Op players you've used

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list your cheap beasts


  • Mr Masenko
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    Alex Teixeira.

    Double *4's, quick, strong, easy to link.

    Everyone can score howitzers so he's literally all I need atm.

    Bought Hazard and I genuinely cannot tell a difference between them for finding the back of the net.

    If anything Teixeira edges him in that regard due to the extra pace and strength to shrug off the man.
  • Felici_123
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    I packed him at the start and he is really good compared to his price
  • kopking89
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    Rodrigo and adama traore
  • Wayno69
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    Tex is the GOAT
  • Jordutchy
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    Diego Carlos and Lenglet as CBs are insane!
  • SirBarley
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    Frenkie de Jong is really amazing on this. , Havertz and Ziyech are also really good
  • FilipCRO
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    Inaki Williams by far.
  • Kingdingaling
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    Jordutchy wrote: »
    Diego Carlos and Lenglet as CBs are insane!

    I'm running eder n ramos would them 2 be better
  • Jordutchy
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    Jordutchy wrote: »
    Diego Carlos and Lenglet as CBs are insane!

    I'm running eder n ramos would them 2 be better

    Haven't tried either of them but Carlos and Lenglet are really really good
  • Vinny1979
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  • BadSeedsFC
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    Canales is a cheap beast for me. He's an amazing CAM, and I think that he would work too as a attacking CM in teams that play with 3 at the back formations.

    Coquelin is another great and affordable card. I tried Llorente and I'm waiting for his price to go back up to sell him. I don't know why, but Coquelin feels a lot better for me on the defensive duties in the midfield. Maybe is the lack of traits of Llorente's card? Or maybe it's just my playing style...because he seems to be really popular and effective for other teams.

    Luis Milla was amazing too during the early acces days, but I'm afraid that Rivals is no longer a place for him. I really hope that he catches up a couple of in forms during the season. I got excited when I saw him nominated for La Liga's player of the month, but he didn't had a chance against new Barcelona's wonder kid. I mean, Luicito was huge in Tenerife and he's carrying Granada on his shoulders. But the machineries of marketing in Catalonia are something else... And, to be fair, that Fati is playing some good football man.

    Special mention to my man Darwin Machís, as a winger or ST. And the King of Super Subs, Josef Alexander Martínez.

  • Oldgmrdad
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    Immobile has been a beast for me
  • MxMLover
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    Van de beeck, raphina and tex
  • gooner8262
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    Diego Carlos, Joe Gomez, Ricardo Perreira, Everton and Bobby firmino🔥
  • Rodirgo
    Anderson Talisca
    Alex Telles
  • Zeke1216
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    Salvio is literally destroying defenses
  • Baressi
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    Hee chan
  • My mate swears by that Patson Daka from Salzburg 😂😂
  • Guvnor
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    Anyone with pace over 88
  • Jrutts
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    Surprisingly naby keita with a shadow on is class as the going forward cm out of my midfield 3 he has the dribbling to beat the high press out of midfield
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