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Another question: what's the relevance of the designated player positions in the game?

1. Naturally, it has an effect on where the AI will play the player.
2. Presumably, it also determines the stats that will improve as the result of the player being in good form/happy.
3. It will also determine the development paths that one may pick for a player.

But does it have any other relevance? (Did it in FIFA 20 and the earlier installments of the game?)

For instance, suppose a player is designated as ST, but I play him as LW. (Just an example.) Does this have any impact on anything? Will the player be happier if I play him as ST? Will his stats improve faster if he gets to play as ST (and does well) rather than as LW?

These issues would have been relevant earlier, too, but they'll be especially important now that we can have the players learn new positions.



  • L4r14m
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    Looked at this video:

    The guy there explains how, as he sees it, playing someone in a different position results in drastically lower stats. But that doesn't seem quite right. Presumably, what happens is that the overall score goes down because in a different position it's different stats that determine the overall rating. So, Sokratis sucks as LB, but that shouldn't be big news. So I'm guessing that simply playing a player in a different position doesn't by itself have any negative impact on anything.
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