To sell or not to sell...

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edited October 2015
With all the pack releases lately would it be a good idea to sell all the big-name players as their prices could drop in the next week or so?


  • Hoosierdaddy76
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    Selling now would be the opposite of buying low and selling high. If you were going to sell or save, before would've been the best time. Might as well remain captaining the ship at this point. As all prices are relative, you'll still be able to afford the same level of team, unless you hoard coins until TOTY.
  • Reezus
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    Now is when you buy, after those packs today some players prices are very low. They'll rise up again.
  • xFATAL
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    EA will release a poor TOTW wed and prices will soar. They aren't going to throw everything at us before TOTY, they know the market needs to be stabilized occasionally.
  • MattAllen28
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    Good info guys!!! Thanks for the help.
  • HeroBent
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    Defo wait until next weekend to sell. Today is a bad day for selling
  • Pacey_Stacy
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    Thank lord I bought 70 max gradel and marco parolos for 1k each so I was getting worried that I will loose money but if they double or even triple back to their normal price I will be rich kid
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