Can the gameplay from de DEMO come back?

Please? I can't play the online mode anymore, for the sake of my health and for the sake of my controllers. Enough with auto defending, make the newbies learn how to defend. Make them learn how to create some plays, not just run cross the line and cut inside, like some crazy Robben. What if keepers actually make saves, does that sound really insane for you guys? Enough with keepers suffering goals from mid-distance. What if players like Xabi Alonso, Kross, Lampard, Gerrard, Kaká could be playable? It's kinda funny seing that classy players that can't be used in this game since FIFA 12, because running it's all that matters. Imagine if all teams were like this, we would only have some guys from Africa running desesperately.



  • marxcel
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  • squalles
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    no... ea go say to you is all placebo and shut up you otherwise you can be banned
  • blue166
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    I think even the dumbest dumbass could tell that the game a changed a whole load online.

    This could be more hotfixes server side then the patch itself.

    But seriously this isnt the same game anymore. Hundreds of people are saying the same thing. It is obvious.
  • BistroXII
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    I disagree. It hasn't changed, people have just improved and because you are playing it more you don't notice the slower pace. If you go back and play Fifa 15 you will see the difference. In Fifa 16 you still can't outrun defenders with pure pace - down the middle or the wings. Passing still needs to be precise and if people are scoring from distance it's usually because of bad defending. And if you can't play and use the classy players you mentioned that is not EA's fault.
  • blue166
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    Well I am pretty sure Ronaldo and Bale can outrun defenders now in FIFA 16. But the problem is players have no weight about them. So Ronaldo,Bale,Messi etc.. can turn in and out with no weight. Defenders have now been unbalanced since the patch.

    The game has been sped up. It is obvious. Though I did just have a sluggish game.

    I would like a Team filter so I can miss Real Madrid. The biggest ❤️❤️❤️❤️ use them online. I am sure some genuine people do too but man I hate smug gits who use RM.
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