PC Community Centre Ultimate Player

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The quest to find the ultimate player on the PC Community Centre is on!

There will be a reigning king, and people must successfully challenge the king in order to take over.
If the king wins the first game, he retains his crown. The challenger must win/draw the first game, and must win before they lose in order to continue.
If the first two matches are both draws, the king retains his crown.
If after 3 games there is 1 win each and a draw, the king is overthrown.
If the king loses two games out of the three, he is overthrown.
In order to remain king, a king must defend his crown against at least 7 challengers every week. If he fails to do so, @Premier-Sky will randomly select a new king from the list of participants.

The king will get a point on the leaderboard for each day he remains king (this point will be allocated if he is king at the end of the day).

The ultimate player and the king of the forums is the player with the greatest number of points!

Good luck!


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