No difference between the way teams play

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I hate that now FIFA have second division teams playing tikka takka all the time with little to no variety. So every lower club team feels hard to play against , plz bring back handicapping so fast players are fast and low level teams don't play like Barca with high possession , fix this now


  • Here is a tip but takes time and patience editing lineups. Go into the team management on the customize tab and make a few different custom team tactics and then assign each team that you will play against in the league a different tactic and it should help change the teams approach a little bit. For example for lower league teams lower their build up speed and how aggressive they are on offense and defense to make them stop playing like barca and wait for their chances, or for big name clubs you can make sure they play right like make chelsea more defensive and sit back and more counter attacking, and etc. You can make like 4 or 5 different ones and just by switching the default tactics to these custom ones you should see a better gameplay. Check out forums they usually have people who post tactics for certain teams that you can make or download and then you can assign them to certain teams if you arent as familiar with how all the teams play. Its a little work upfront but will make your career mode sooooo much more enjoyable in the long run. this would have to be done before starting a career mode too btw.
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    Great tip but tbh this isn't something we as the customer should be having to change , it's not hard if they take the stats from the last five seasons in all the leagues featured it would be easy, could even employ a couple of die hard fans to do the research
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