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You know what's not fun?

Big Matty T
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Watching the CPU run for the corner flag

What moron at EA thought this was a good idea in a VIDEO GAME???


  • fostersrizzler
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    it is realistic tbf
  • Big Matty T
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    edited October 2015
    it is realistic tbf

    Yes...but its a video should be fun

    I've played offline fifa for a long time to avoid all the annoying, frustrating people online...and EA has now made offline as if not more annoying than high pressure, etc people online

    What is the reason for making it so hard too? In past fifa's world class through ultimate were a nice challenge, but still could be fun to play

    This is just maddening
  • Zahraji
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    Playing fifa is annoying.
  • Keano16
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    its the cpu getting its own back for me scoring a goal and turning on the TV
  • Big Matty T
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    And parking the bus to preserve draws...has anyone gotten up to higher divisions in offline? Do the better teams stop using these annoying tactics or are Barcelona and Real Madrid and the like content with drawing every game?
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