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So the whole concept of FUT draft is that the more wins you get, the better the reward, and even if you dont get any win, the minimum reward is at least worth your entrance fee (15K coins).

Yesterday, I won the FUT Draft in offline mode, winning the 4 games, and the reward was pretty horrible. I got 1 premium Gold player pack and a gold player pack, which has one rare player (it was a silver...). How is that a reward for winning 4 games in draft?

I got a similar reward when I only won one game in offline.


  • RedDevil123
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    Yeah, offline rewards are awful mate. When I won all 4 offline, I got 2 gold packs and a premium gold pack, with a total value of 17.5k. Not worth it.
  • I had the first time the same reward after winning four games.
    The second time I was disconnected in de fourth games and got 1 jumbo premium packs and 2 premium gold packs.
    Today I won four games. I got 1 jumbo premium gold pack and 1 premium pack.
    After transfering all players and cards I think I will reach break even.
  • Played offline fut draft 5 times now and got a premium gold pack and premium jumbo gold pack every time. Much better than paying for packs imo
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