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Please help!! Pace abusers are killing me..... In league 10!

In fifa 15 I was an average player.. But got to league 4 for a while. Win % was about 50/50

I used to tackle/defend ((presumably like most)) using A + RB button (hold)

In fifa 16 this isn't working and players are just watching as oppo walk or sprint past. So frustrating

Any advise as killing my enjoyment..... Losing by 4/5/6 each game is no fun and need at least to balance it a bit.

Honest tips please


  • Oliver Powell
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    you've got to hold and give but do it at the right time. you can be slow or fast, but you must get to the line. they'll always hit you and hurt you, defend and attack, there's only one way to beat them get round the back
  • Wammo247
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    All you fifa pros and no advice?
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