Framerate/Lag issues

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Hey guys, just wondering if anybody else has had this trouble recently with Fifa 16:
When playing online, every like 10-15 seconds or so my Fifa game keeps lagging/jumping for no reason, I know it's not my internet speed because I'm getting a steady 20mb. Every other game I play is fine, it's only Fifa that is affected. Anyone else had this issue before or a possible fix? :/


  • Thomas_Müller
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    Its lag, and it doesnt matter how fast your internet is, it depends on

    P2p is outaded, ea should swith to server sided gameplay
  • Raphiduck
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    Servers are ❤️❤️❤️❤️, opponents use torrents/downloads to make you lag when you lead.

    Welcome to the wonderful combo EA/awful community.
  • xGrumpyWolfx
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    Cheers for the replies guys! Any tips on how I can improve my connection/ping to the EA Servers then? Or am I doomed to play laggy matches until they fix their servers?
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