The rise of 433(4)

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I've been hovering and div 4 and 3 for quite a while now. I come across this formation a lot. After really struggling against variations of 433/4321 using lots of different formations, I tried 433(4) out myself.

It's success is because it suits any playstyle, whether your intention is possession or exploitation and also that it can be played on ultra defensive yet still feels exceptionally attacking.

I expect you'll all be seeing a lot of 433(4) for the duration of FIFA 16!


  • CrashDavus
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    Thing for me, I don't change any of the settings off default and have great success with it. It's an over extended 4231(2) because the wingers are pushed higher up the pitch.
  • fergoosee
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    ye its a nice formation, was great in fifa 15 too
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    Tactics and instructions?
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    And team?
  • Thomas_Müller
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    Its such an abusing formartion, most of the people have 3 offensive minded midfielders and they can still play godlike defense, this game is broken
  • DtGodmage22
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    Its not that great 4312 41212 4222 352 442 countrt it basically 2 man midfield gets eaten alive
  • it's been the most used formation past few years
  • Jmaestro
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    Player instruction and custom tactics please.
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    Jmaestro wrote: »
    Player instruction and custom tactics please.

  • Hannibal
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    433(4) either makes me dominate games, or get completely f*cked

    4231 is for when im more interested in keeping myself from losing than getting the 3 points lol

    the instructions i use are i tell one CM to stay back while attacking/have aggresive interceptions,
    the other i leave alone
    i tell both my LB/RB to stay back while attacking (in reality, they do nothing at the top for me other than leave me exposed at the back)
    ill tell my ST to get in behind, and tell my RW to stay forward

    and thats pretty much it
  • D-Maniac
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    Dunno if it works on 16 but on 15 i ran with

    Front 3 - Get in Behind
    2 CMs - Stay Back
  • sweptawayx41x
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    this formation is my kryptonite and i refuse to use it
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