A little puzzled

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Has anyone else lately felt that the difficulty of tournies/single matches has increased, whilst the difficulty in seasons has decreased?

I mean, i hadn't played seasons since the first week of the game releasing, where i got up to division 3. This week, after loss after loss during the first round of tournies i decided that if i am going to lose, i may aswell lose making more coins in seasons.

To my surprise, promotion straight to division one, to where i have now won my last 13 games in a row at the top flight. Whilst during that time, i have also lost the first round of the gold cup equivalent, 4 times in a row, failing to register more than 2 shots in 3 of the games.

After using futscope to scout my opponents, none of my tournament opponents have better records than my seasons opponents and i am using the same team in both...thoughts?


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