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Surprise Package

Mr Hyde
293 posts Sunday League Hero
What player you have or have played with has surprised you the most ?. Pato for me.


    706 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Mahrez. Brought him in for 6k a couple of weeks back when I still had a pretty average team. Great on the ball and a decent finisher in the box. Low physicality too, goes flying if a defender touches him so getting pens are pretty simple
  • Shadow_185
    7051 posts Big Money Move
    aboubakar and choupomoting
  • lastfifa
    2013 posts Fans' Favourite
    Shadow_185 wrote: »
    aboubakar and choupomoting

    Those two.

    Bradley, Osvaldo Alonso and Jermaine Jones.. those three at midfield are perfect big, mean and ugly.
  • Rippa
    1672 posts Play-Off Hero
    Mane and n'jie. Bought them really cheap.

    N"jie 69 is actually on my main bpl team as agueros back up. He's that good for me
  • William Carvalho and Carrillo are absolute animals.
  • t-mase
    526 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Tadic is a good LM player. In a crossing position always seems to pop it into a dangerous area. Mane is a top player as well and the perfect compliment to Benteke in my side.
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