FIFA 16, what is going behind the curtains?

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With more time building post FIFA 16 launch, I am starting to build a conclusion on what is going on. So what is different verus previous years for EA on FIFA. Lets think loudly;

- PES 2016 got very high rating on several games review magazines and sites. Some were actually higher then FIFA 16. My opinion I still beleive FIFA is much better then PES even this year
- It is taking very long to find an opponent in FIFA 16. Several bug reports and threads have been opened. Never an issue in previous versions. Even when I play very late night, I was matched agint people from other countries. This year, on peak time and you have to wait for several minutes with online ip matchin on or off. Does not matter
- The latest 1.02 patch actually took away almost most what have been developed in the game and was launched in Beta and the Demo. Off ball dribbling, New passing engine, First touch all have been tuned down big time and without disclosure. From the committement in Beta and demo and the first launch, it was very surprising to simply remove them. In previous years, patches were not that sever. Why wasting money from the start. Something had came up where a business decion had to be made
- I can sense from my frineds, kids (got two playing FIFA :-)) less passion for FIFA this year compared to previous year. I had the opposite as I like realism and challenge. I can link that to the increase depth and difficulty of the game.

From the above I would say what has happened is the following: A severe hit on sales versus expectation. This hit was a result from realism that EA had put on, which I have liked btw, but not the majority of the customers. So EA tried in 1.02 to fix things up but whay they actually did was making the game less fun for the hard core gamers. The question is will they attract people to play the game again. Now in PS4 I can not see that it is getting better. Still difficult to find online games in Season or FUT. Looks like FIFA is going through some turblances. Hopefully, will land safely.



  • Dr.Strange
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    Here we go again with the realism BS. Not even close.
  • yasendi
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    I know but much better than previous years and PES
  • on xbox, there is any problem with machtmaking... i find my opponent almost instantaneusly.
  • Simmo
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    I'm on PS4 and find matches straight away, takes a little longer in cups than seasons but that's to be expected.
  • Songan
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    Playing against the CPU is somewhat enjoyable (pro beeing to easy and worldclass = chasing the ball), but playing online is just stressful...intercept after intercept. Even watching fifa-streamers on became boring, seeing every pass just getting intercepted. It is like watching "pong" (the very first pc game).
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