Difficulty Levels after Patch

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Hi All, Before patch there was a very big difference between Pro and WC. And almost no difference between WC and Legendary. Actually people preferred Legendary because of variety of play by the CPU. So WC was not designed very well.

Is the situation the same post patch 1.02?


  • pittphan
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    I agree with what you said wholeheartedly... there is no mention of this in EA's patch notes, but it is something they could easily fix with sliders being adjusted.... I have been talking about this everyday on here, but, again, playing the AI on World Class is the most unenjoyable thing I have ever experienced in a video game. I'd rather play on Legendary every time. On every previous fifa I'd win 90% of the time on World class... now it is less than 50%... and I am better against Legendary. Someone really messed up the offline stuff over at EA.
  • gbshow
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    Great post.

    I can walk it on professional level, every game 4 or 5 nil or more then on world class I have never won a game. HUGE jump in skill levels between the two.
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    The patch did not change any of that
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