SIF Rakitic reviews?

Joe Hartless
310 posts Sunday League Hero
Just got absolutely destroyed by him. Wondering if SIF Rakitic-Modric would be a better CM pairing than Iniesta-Kroos in a 433-2. Anybody who's used the SIF, how has he performed for you? And what is he selling at currently?


  • Campino
    27184 posts Player of the Year
    Not sure what he is selling at buddy but I really like the card

    His NIF is a good card as well pal but a noticeable shooting, strength and passing upgrade

    I found Kroos poor but his TOTY is godly and I found Iniesta's TOTY poor but his NIF incredible

  • AznSW
    955 posts Professional
    He was nothing special for me, liked modric a lot more
  • DarthGrowler
    14605 posts Has That Special Something
    My favourite card in the entire game this year and I've used a lot of legends. I've made no secret on here that he's a boss
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