MLS Team Kills

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So I've finally decided to make a team with the league I support and it's really fun. It plays just as well as my BPL with Hazard, Up Sanchez, Di Maria, Rooney, Kompany, etc. There is something so rewarding about beating a 86 rated team with a 76 rated one. Only thing is, I can't get Sounders version of Yedlin, none exist.


  • Lunty
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    You can beat any team with enough pace, may i see it?
  • SoundersAllDay
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    Yes for sure. It's certainly pacy.

    Castillo - Martins - Giovinco
    Alonso - Dempsey - JJJ
    Armero - Opara - Besler - Abate

    Had to link Columbia and Italy.

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