Contract terminated, unrealistic season objectives

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I've seen a few threads kicking around that are harping on about the unrealistic season objectives.. but i'd just like to share my extreme disappointment in Fifa 16's career mode.

In all honesty I've been really enjoying the career mode with Wolves.. but my season objective was to 'win the league title'. I started playing on legendary pretty early in the game and with getting used to how the passing and such is different in 16 to 15... i drew a great deal of matches, as well as lost. In the last 20 games of the season though.. It seems I clicked with the game big time.. instead of losing to QPR 3-0, I somehow beat Man united, Man city and Arsenal to win the FA cup. (which the secondary objective only wanted me to reach the round of 16)

I wasn't going to win the league with the early season start.. but i managed to finish 3rd and get promoted after the playoff games... but even promotion is unsatisfactory.

You can not imagine my face after building up a squad, signing better players and the like.. and then being told where the door is, despite what I've just done for the club. I'm gutted and I have absolutely no motivation what so ever to continue as another club. that team was mine and i want to keep it.

I've tried to simulate past the 'judgement day/performance review'.. each time the result is the same and its so bitterly disappointing.. all I can see right now is replaying half of the season as i've got a save just before the january transfer window.. sure I could find even better deals but its just so much time and effort wasted, especially with how i developed other players in such a short time.

Can anyone help me out with this? This can't be the end! There must be an alternative.


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    Can't help with the boards decision but before I start the season I switch the first team squad to a weaker team so I don't have unrealistic aims.
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    Can't help with the boards decision but before I start the season I switch the first team squad to a weaker team so I don't have unrealistic aims.

    I'm aware of this little trick and i'll be doing that if i can somehow bypass this ridiculous game logic :(
  • LordBob
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    I've managed to bypass the sacking with some help from moddingway. :)
  • Add1cted
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    @LordBob please provide a link and details! This is such an awful part of the game
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    The expectations are ridiculous. I started a season with Columbus Crew and in my first two seasons I used financial takeover, bought Tielemans (unrealistic, but who cares), sent a 5* scout to scour the US for elite talent, had two 16 year olds with 85-91 potential, improved the roster significantly, finished 1st in the league during the season twice, and (unfortunately) lost in the finals two straight years. Sacked. Literally set the Crew up to assemble the best roster in MLS history. It's insane. I'd understand if I went 5 years without a title, but c'mon.

  • Being sacked or not also depends on wich level you choosed when starting the career ;)
  • TheFreshPence
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    Do you mean board strictness? I chose lenient!
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    It mostly go on league succes in fifa if you win all cups but fail in league they will sack you but atm ive nvr been sacked and ive taken pompey from league two to the championship
  • Career mode termination of manager contract regardless of how well you are doing this happened with 3 different clubs in first season : got to playoffs final got sacked reason given each time off field antics disciplinary( no control over that ) very annoying
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    You should try and manage West Brom and get Wolves back 4 what they did!
  • MilkyBarKid16
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    I think its more of a problem with how the game categorizes expectations. Getting promoted via the play-offs is the same as winning the Championship title. You still get to the Premier League.

    The game should just say 'win promotion' and not bother with asking you to win the title.

    Something similar happened in my WHU career, although I wasn't sacked. I was given the objective of 'qualify for Europe', but because of how European places drop down to other teams depending on the two cups, I was pretty confident that 6th place would secure European football. Of course, I failed the objective even though I got a Euro League place.
  • I managed Derby for four yours, won the Europa league and finished 3rd in my 3rd season. In my Fourth season the expectations where to win the league, I came 3rd again only 4 points off top and got sacked! I had players like 88 correa, 87 William Carvalho 86 Laporte etc I had been playing for so long and they sack me, career mode is a joke
  • I was managing Chelsea and in my second season I finished 5th in the league, but I won the FA Cup and I won the Champions League! Then they sack me!?! How... I had Tielemans and Rashica and Donarumma and Aitor Bunel with "Has Potential to be Special" and Tielemans was an 84, Rashica was an 83, Aitor Bunel was an 81, and Donarumma was an 84. I also just got Zouma to 85, Solanke to 78, Rabiot to 83, and Courtois to 92. I had Costa at 87, Matic at 85, Kante at 85, Cahill at 85, David Luiz at 87, Azpilicueta at 84, Hazard at 89, Boufal at 84, Batshuayi at 84, Willian at 85, james at 89, Christensen at 81, Grimaldo at 79, and 3 players from my Academy who had 88-84 potential and were 67, 69, and 73 rated. I am so mad I keep resimulating but cannot get it to give me a contract.
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    That's absolute garbage. I know how you feel and I'm sorry for you. This damned objective thing was a huge oversight in my opinion. How hard could it be to add an option to turn it off for people who just want to stick with one team? I play this game because I enjoy finding good youth players and watching them grow and progress as they get better, then playing with them. Not because I want to constantly be worried about getting fired and having all my time go to waste because of some terrible AI logic. It really makes me very angry and not want to play this game. I'll never buy another Fifa game if it doesn't at least have the option to turn objectives off. I've seen some people disagree with this opinion and all I can say is this: In a single player game why would anyone care how someone else wants to play it? It's an option to disable, not take it away from those who want it.
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