Daily Free Gift :-(

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I have been getting a gift every day for logging in to web app or companion app but no gifts for today :-1:

has anyone else noticed this?


  • LUFC_96
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    I haven't got anything for a few days.
  • Dave_23
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    LUFC_96 wrote: »
    I haven't got anything for a few days.


    today was my first time I haven't got a gift.

    Usually I play Fifa late night and by the time I go to bed it's past 12 so I log in via my phone as I'm on the bed to check my reward before sleeping lol but sadly last night was the first time I din't get a gift.

    Usually it's annoying to see bronze pack or silver pack but I've also got gold packs, twice 2,500 coins and stuff like that so can't complain what I get merely for just logging in
  • kktalha
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    They stopped giving daily gifts for a few days now.
  • MenelX
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    Same here nothing yesterday and today. Same was with previous FIFA's. This is limited time promotion of FUT Web App and it occurs couple of times during year for approx. 1-2 weeks. It's normal that it has finished.
  • disaaaa
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    i got a free bronze player pack early this morning but its been skipping days, its weird, before today havent gotten one in 2-3 days
  • Orison
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    The bronze player pack was for those guys who didn´t get it at the start of the game (usually you get a bronze players pack when you get your welcome back packs).

    And daily gifts stopped at 1st October
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