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What would you upgrade with 200k? Or should I continue saving for someone like Hazard, Neymar or Robben?

Dont want to change any Bayern players as they are all incredible.



  • BenzP7
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    Save up for Neymar
  • PTY BroZz
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    -Kroos n Douglas Costa for Krichowiack n Bellarabi. There are some matches where you simply cant create any chances, but players w good longshots like Kroos can definately make a difference if you get the chance to shoot from long range, and basically Douglas Costa because of his 5* skills :)
    -You can also switch sides (BBVA right n Bundes left), save up a bit more coins n get Reus. Reus at the left n Carlos Vela at the right. Carvajal / Danilo / Dani Alves as RB n Alaba/ Bernat as LB.
  • Viggo 007
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