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Favourite Strikers?

CFC Jacob
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In fifa terms.

I can't seem to score many with strikers, they tend to get more assists than goals with my midfielders outscoring them.

I've tried the following:

Costa - Pretty good, scored a number of headers, holds the ball up well but can't pass for toffee.

Suarez - Meh, certainly not worth 400k, can do everything well but doesn't stand out. He's like Costa with 4 star skills but not as physical

RVP - made a cheap Turkish league team around him at false 9, liked him a lot but for some reason I cannot play consistently well with left footed players. He can pass and has a cannon of a left foot, but he's slow and gets bullied at times. The team around him was what let him down the most.

Lacazette - he was good in the box but that's about it, he seemed to go missing for most of the game. This was in early access though, I was much worse at the game then.

Ibra is the next logical step I guess, unless I can be convinced otherwise?
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