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Mr Hyde
293 posts Sunday League Hero
Why do I end up playing pro clubs with complete and utter ****


  • MemphisDepay
    6020 posts Big Money Move
    Why is grass green?
  • Fletch
    3508 posts National Call-Up
    You choose to join their team...

    If you're talking about drop ins, well only the **** players that can't get a club play there.
  • SumFiiin
    38 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Drop in is brilliant for schoolyard football - at least 10 players frantically chasing the ball with slide tackles everywhere and some tiny greedy guy taking on the world with skillmoves and going nowhere. Don't play it unless you have a sense of humour. Tbf you do get some really good matches a lot too.
  • Pieman25
    17086 posts World Class
    You're better off just making a team and recruiting. Drop in is a nightmare most of the time.
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