Stop complaining about the game, guys!

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I'm not gonna complain about the game anymore. It's the finest game we've had in years and you guys are all freaking out here for small things. Let's just enjoy what we have right now, we have a better game than the competition, don't forget that. 10, 15 years ago there wasn't people on the internet crying about the game being broken, the game being this and that, you would just like it or hate it, if you bought it and you liked it you would play it and enjoy it and if you didn't like it? Guess what... I would lend it to a friend and not expect it back. I know the game has its flaws and different flaws according to each one of us but let's just play and enjoy.

(FIFA 15 was broken and EA didn't fix it so what are we gonna expect this year... To me, FIFA 16 is the FIFA 15 I was waiting for. I'm erasing from my mind last year's game)


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