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    Ash showing his true colours. Getting a Bartra Arsenal shirt printed as we speak.
    Is that last line serious?

    Of course not :lol:
    Post a pic when you get it mate.
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    Tuchel is dodgy as well, wouldn't be surprised if it was an inside job.

    Go **** yourself. That's disgusting.

    you sound triggered, do you need a safe space?
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    Prosecutors said they planned to make a statement later Friday, but revealed that the suspect had bought a large number of so-called put options for shares of Borussia Dortmund. These would have entitled him to sell the 15,000 shares at a pre-determined price, which could have resulted in a substantial profit if their value had fallen in the meantime, prosecutors said.

    "A significant share price drop could have been expected if a player had been seriously injured or even killed as a result of the attack," they said.

    The suspect had booked into the team's hotel in Dortmund and placed three explosives, packed with shrapnel, along the route the bus would take to reach the stadium, prosecutors said.

    "The explosive devices were detonated at the optimum time," they said, noting that the team bus was equipped only with security glass and not reinforced glass. Several windows on the bus were shattered in the blasts, injuring defender Marc Bartra. A police officer accompanying the bus also suffered trauma from the blast.
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    Feel sorry for this Zagadou, he's having a mare
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